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any of you fine folks use


I have a primary store (secured by password) and secondaries (secured by Yubikey). When I create passwords on the primary, I can easy merge to the secondaries but if I create passwords on a YubiKey database, I don't seem to be able to auto merge back to the primary and I cannnot convert a yubikey database to a password-only one and I'm wondering if I'm just being thick Oh well, will have to synchronise manually


(I'm running the free version on Ubuntu, like a true cheapskate, so I imagine the answer would be something like > Fix it yourself )


well probably needed to curate master pwsafe anyway


For passwords, I just have a text file that is gpg encrypted


I can search through the text file pretty quickly


I use pass myself, aws-vault can also integrate with it which is handy


I'm a big advocate of with pass because then it integrates with my browser


I have to straddle dualboot Linux and Windoze nowadays....


I do run my own bitwarden which has a plugin for browsers


I am still sticking with 1Password, but this is because my family (non-technical wife and parents and young kids) are better served by a very “friendly” experience. In a perfect world I would be switching to + pass


hmm... what are the ios and droid apps like for passwordstore ?


Does anyone have a go-to guide for explaining ring middleware & handlers to Clojure beginners? There's but it's maybe a little dry? Not sure.


I've run this one a few times for a simple ring/compojure app for beginners... might still be a bit too high level if you wanna do ring stuff tho


I use lastpass fwiw cos I've often been across different OSs @ben.hammond - means I'm only ever my yubikey and master pass away from my logins