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Good Morning!

Jakob Durstberger05:05:01

Good morning 🙂

Ben Hammond10:05:38

somehow it annoys me that Twitter has latest-at-the-top but Slack has latest-at-the-bottom

Ben Hammond10:05:48

the old big endian vs little endian

Ben Hammond10:05:28

> It is computed, that eleven thousand persons have at several times suffered death rather than submit to break their eggs at the smaller end.

Ben Hammond10:05:15

(not as much as the ctrl-enter vs shift-enter thing annoys me though)


it seems we are a happy bunch (from the comment analysis, rather than the probably dodgy photo analysis) :


Shame Clojure didn't appear on the median age graph... I reckon it's up there in the high end what with ppl like me who've been around forever!


yep, and i don't think you are alone up there at the high end @U05390U2P


didn't they ask a Q about that in the state of clj survey and find that?

Ben Hammond13:05:07

oh dear - that doesn't sound good

Ben Hammond13:05:23

everything allright?

Ben Hammond13:05:44

(other than the stir-craziness, obvs)


Just a typo 😀

👍 4