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Good Morning!


Dog had me up at 5:30 this morning


Not impressed


I just posted this over in #fulcro but I'll post it here as well, in case there is anyone here that would like to do this:


Hi Everyone, I have been trying to understand and learn Fulcro for several months now and failing miserably at it and I kinda need it as we use it at the place where I started working recently. I was wondering if there is someone out (t)here that would like to learn Fulcro as well and would like to make this journey together. Maybe we can screenshare etc. and work on something together and help each other understanding Fulcro. (I am based in Europe, but could start earlier/later if that is more convenient for you timezone wise)


@U052852ES: 100%! I’ve stood up a site already, but I feel like the docs are good in the sense that a unsorted phonebook is useful, the information is there, I just don’t know where! Having someone to work through stuff would help immensely if you’re keen! 😃


the problem I seem to have with it that it gives some examples... but then when I want to implement my stuff it is ever so sightly different and then I have no clue how to go about it.


That’s also an issue =)… I’d be happy to go over stuff together if that would help? Not sure how you were thinking of doing it? I’ve been building pieces here and there to understand stuff…


I found fulcro incredibly difficult and gave up on it. Qlkit was similar enough for the project I did.


I have found it anything but easy or simple, but I can't really give up on it as we use it in all our front end projects here at work. so a little bit stuck between rock and hardplace.


I just had a very look at Qlkit and it seems to have similar concepts.


Yeah, but massively simplified in scope.


easily done with Fulcro IMHO, as it includes even a kitchen sink.