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Thanks for the new release of next jdbc


It was a quiet one, mostly for Chris Zheng (zcaudate)...


No announcement in #sql? 🙂


I recently discovered, on github, the "watch releases only" feature


Nah. Really not worth it.


The bug fix is an outrageously weird edge case. And the enhancement is something I sort of want to remain undocumented 🙃


Gotta say again, using your library (in combination with honeysql) is a real pleasure 🙂


Thanks. I like using both of them too 😁


I wish people got as excited about Expectations


now that you've made expectations clojure.test friendly I'm more interested again. I tried it aaaages ago and rage quit when I couldn't find a good way to run the tests that didn't update my test file (was probably user error)


what are the things you like about expectations over clojure.test?


is expectations async friendly ? i've got some horror-show code to let us do cross-platform async clojure+clojurescript tests with roughly the same code (since clojure.test uses dynvars to maintain test state, which buggers up is (and other clojure.test things like testing) in an async context, 'cos you never know what thread your is code will be running on)


@U0524B4UW Right now, expectations.clojure.test does not support ClojureScript at all. I'd welcome help with that since I do zero ClojureScript and there are some gnarly macros in it.


@U0525KG62 I like being able to "expect" predicates, "expect" specs, and the "expect more" options that let you combine predicates, thread results into multiple expressions, and destructuring for deeper analysis of results -- this all produces much cleaner test code than the equivalent with clojure.test would...


@U04V70XH6 cool. Sounds like it is time to take a look at it again


Happy to provide any assistance/answer any questions!


@U04V70XH6 I’m doing a bit of cross platform clojure/script, better testing would be good, what kinds of help would you want on the clojurescript side?


It's been close to five years since I touched ClojureScript so I've no idea what the current state of the art is in terms of test runners, how to handle macros etc. So I don't really even know how to frame the request for help properly.


Best to maintain no expectations 🙂


I'll get my coat


And with that I'm turning into a pumpkin. Happy voting y'all!


And please go vote today if you haven't already!


Sister in law told my partner that if labour get in she thinks it'll be the worst thing the country has ever experienced, worse than Donald Trump getting into president. I've been laughing ever since :)


I also learned yesterday that it's illegal to disclose how someone else voted :o


Is Corbyn better than Trump? I think both are dangerous, each differently of course.

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In this election it is Boris who is more like Trump. He’s the one leading the party that uses all the dirty tricks, fake news, overly simplified messages. The central promise of “getting Brexit done” can’t be done without breaking previous promises they made to Northern Ireland. What makes anyone think any of his other promises are worth the paper they’re written on is beyond me. I cannot fathom any way in which Corbyn might be classed as dangerous as Trump. Yes there are a very small number of anti-semites in the Labour Party but there are anti-semites everywhere. That is unfortunately the world we live in. But Corbyn was fighting racism when the Tories were propping up the South African apartheid government. The only group of people who should fear Corbyn are the top 1% who will be asked to cough up a bit more money to support the society that they are clearly doing very well from. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

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Also assuming for a second Corbyn is dangerous. If Corbyn gets in he’ll most likely be in a minority government. So will be restrained in doing anything the majority of MPs consider too radical. Boris with a small majority however, is a really dangerous prospect.


@U065JNAN8 I don’t say Corbyn is like Trump. In fact I claim they are different. Dangerousness of Corbyn lies not only in anti-semitism, but also in his affiliation to Venezuela and its regime. His reform is not about top 1%. His reform would make worse top 60 % maybe more.


Imho, all politicans are dangerous. In their own way.



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Feeling like crap, but going to go vote shortly

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Morning all


Morn’ =)…


I voted today and happy to be voting for a person I actually trust to represent me as an MP. I have met them, discussed issues with them and ended up doing some campaigning for them.


You met Boris Johnson! wow!

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I am sorry, but I am not a person that thinks politics is funny, especially when we are tearing apart our country, disrupting people lives and splitting apart families. All for no clear goal, just propaganda and blame of the other. The quality of our politicians is everyone's responsibility

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My apologies


Thanks. I was not aiming to complaint about your comment specifically. I appreciate that such an awful situation that we are currently in requires some light relief occasionally. Perhaps not today though.


Understood 🙂


It's actually surprisingly easy to meet the candidates if you get involved in your local party activities. And for the folks who think "they're all the same", well, if you get involved in the party closest to your ideal, you will inch them closer still by your very involvement with them. As an example of this, one of the councillors in my party of choice made a rather ill-informed comment in the press about cyclists taking up too much space in the road. A friendly email later and they are arranging for all councillors in the area to get a training session about cycling safety from the national cycling organization.

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Just think about how good our politicians would be if many more people held them to account for all their actions, rather than just at elections. Politicians will only change if more people get involved.

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It seems tragic that people would rather believe the disinformation designed to manipulate them, so they will just do what they are told.


It is reassuring that a huge amount of new voters have registered for this election, there is some hope that the future will be brighter. Hopefully this will lead to more collaborative politics and move away from the fear based politics the UK has suffered under.


We could all sign this petition for a more representative election system as a way to make MP's more accountable. Its one way to get rid of the idea of safe seats that make politicians do nothing to gain people's support.


Crikey, this needs help. < 15k signatures.

Wes Hall20:12:15

As somebody who thinks that party politics is the reason we're in this mess, it's a bit hard to get behind PR which puts party politics front and centre. FPTP sucks too. I could probably dream up something i'd consider to be a better system... but who'd listen? :)

Wes Hall20:12:54

Anything that supports more independent candidates would get my support. I'll leave it for others to put a petition together that I can sign though, because i'm lazy.


now that you've made expectations clojure.test friendly I'm more interested again. I tried it aaaages ago and rage quit when I couldn't find a good way to run the tests that didn't update my test file (was probably user error)


Well, that's depressing.

Wes Hall22:12:24

I've not been able to get behind labour policies this time around, but even I didn't expect the exit poll to be that bad. We do need a functional opposition right now so honestly, this shouldn't be considered good news regardless of where you sit on the spectrum.


Which policies didn't you like, out of interest?

Wes Hall10:12:31

@U79NZHC6A Spending spree on lots of unneccessary things, like "buying the internet" and 4 day weeks. All very 70s. Acting like raising taxes on companies mean companies are going to pay rather than consumer through price increases. Proposing a bunch of policies that would have been incompatible with EU membership but pledging to remain neutral on the issue. It was just a total mess imo. Time to move on now...


We can only hope the exit polls are off by a substantial margin (unlikely -- but they have occasionally been way off in the past).


I'm not terribly surprised at the Labour losses but I had hoped their losses would be Lib Dem gains, rather than Conservative gains. Sounds like the North is going to go blue for the first time in a long time (and formerly blue parts of London will go red?). It'll be an interesting new map...


This could be hearsay, but someone told me earlier that BoJo had lost in his own constituency which meant he couldn't stand as an MP anymore (a.k.a. he couldn't be PM anymore either). Maybe that's just wishful thinking though. I really don't know enough personally about this kind of stuff.


There's no "rule" that a member of the government has to actually be a sitting MP -- it's just common practice. If he loses Uxbridge and South Ruislip to Ali Malani, another Tory in a very safe seat would step down and BoJo would run for office there (and win) so it is moot really.

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Mind you, if Malani wins, it would be historic: no one has unseated a UK PM before... ever...


barbarism in exchange for brexit it is then

Wes Hall23:12:47

I think all eyes now on who is going to replace Corbyn. I really really hope that the labour membership have learned something from this, but I have this real fear that they are just going to move on to the next entirely unelectable candidate.

Wes Hall23:12:22

FWIW Dan Jarvis would be my pick, but I am not a member, so no vote for me.

Wes Hall23:12:51

Probably best to see who keeps their seat first I suppose...


Blyth Valley turns blue for the first time in 80 years (by 700 votes)...


First time blue since it was created apparently


A 60-40 leave seat