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I wasn't, no. 😊


Morning everyone! Hi to all that I met yesterday at re:Clojure 2019 - it was a pleasure to meet you in person! I hoped you had a good day and it's wonderful to see the support in the community!


I'm sick of antlr for one day. Although I know it's going to be bothering me all day that I can't figure it out.


So what were the re:Clojure highlights? Sorry I couldn’t make it 😞


… and are there videos expected online at all? (Sorry had to be asked)

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For me, the highlight was the massive support from the community - over 150 people came together to show their appreciation for Clojure and the ecosystem. The talks of course were great, but it's the community that was the highlight for me! (imho!)

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Good to hear there was such a good turnout!


Yes, it was fantastic! Very encouraging!


Definitely irritated that I couldn’t make the talks >_<…


The turnout was amazing. It was great to see the room packed. I liked @cddr’s talk on database schema / test generators.


I’m keen too on seeing the videos!


Thanks Paul 🙂 I've been blogging about this stuff at so you might enjoy some of posts there while you wait for the videos to appear. Hope to get something up based on the talk from yesterday at the weekend.


ditto what @dharrigan said! was great to put some faces to names. as for the talks - lots of good stuff but best for me were @danieleneal and the keynote

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The same here. I’ll have to re-watch some of the other talks because I did a bit of running around when they were on…


in particular the keynote reminded me of something from a previous project - that the composability of monads is an incredibly powerful tool, but they, like anything hit the wall of i/o or system boundaries and that, depending on your domain, yr product, where you work etc you might have to deal with system boundaries or APIs more or less (or indeed network etc etc) and so actually you are often constrained by serialisation at the end of the day so having smart systems that compose across system boundaries is as interesting a challenge as having smart programs or smart systems that leverage composition internally and that’s kind of why I still think the serverless/faas space is super interesting for clojurians and haskellers


Was really good yesterday, thoroughly enjoyed


Except for @alex.lynham’s T-shirt which made me feel pretty...unbalanced


i thought it was very on point for the (theo's?) firebase demo


I should have brought a flashmob of people with one paren each


Videos were being filmed, so they should be online at some later date. There was also a teaser for reClojure 2020... :)

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I really enjoyed it as well yesterday... and I have seemed to have miss some of you.


hopefully next year!