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I'm curious to know which editors Clojure devs here are using between vim, emacs and spacemacs (evil mode) and why. I'm not looking to start a war (seriously 🙂). Looking mainly for people's rationales regarding these three editors. (Maybe respond in a thread here to avoid too much noise for people not interested in the discussion)


spacemacs (holy mode) here


Any specific reasons?


for choosing spacemacs or holy-mode ?


lol, yes. both? both? both!


I was hoping to giphy that, but apparently we don't have that integration


for spacemacs - i really like the layers stuff, the default window-management is great, i'm a fan of helm, and its default dark-mode is almost perfect (i only had to make the background properly black and i was done)


for holy-mode - i'm a longtime emacs user and it was familiar


Fair enough 🙂


for emacs distros in general - i've reached the point of .emacs bankruptcy several times and i just want to pull in a distro managed by someone else... i went through emacs-live and prelude before settling on spacemacs


I was playing around with spacemacs yesterday and I really like the default colours too


that looks very much like the spacemacs dark theme @U09LZR36F


even to the point of the not-quite-black background


i've always found it a mystery why anyone would make a dark theme for an editor with a not-true-black background


low contrast was trendy for a minute there


sure, but you can make the background lighter and all mushy when you're viewing in the actual dark, or the foreground darker - why the preponderance of people choosing the former solution ? (there are almost no dark themes around with true-black backgrounds - i looked, before getting down and modifying the spacemacs-dark theme)


Emacs - because I’ve used it for 20+ years, and I don’t want to have to relearn an editor every year or two. A lot of other developers I know seem to always be changing editors, and often use multiple at anyone time.


That's only half an answer though 😉


I'm looking for the why factors


well, at this point it's the advanced productivity that's been built up with these editors.


that's why I won't leave vim, I know it very well.


Ultimately I don't think it matters which of vim/emacs you choose, you just have to learn it very well.


Yeah, vi(m) and emacs will be around forever and that was clear 20 (maybe even 30+) years ago… I’m not sure the same can be said of vscode or atom, though you’ll maybe get 5-10 years out them. Also org-mode and magit — either of those two packages alone make Emacs more than worthwhile.


I use vim because it is quite literally ubiquitous and if you take the time to learn its (very extensive) native features, you can get extremely far with a very lightweight config


with the % and f / t matchers and vim-surround, you can basically structurally edit most lisps and get pretty far with most other languages too


and with native features of Clojure and some lightweight scripting/config you can hack together REPL integration with minimal tooling


It's a bit of an opinionated workflow but I derive a lot of liberation from developing using as lightweight tooling as possible


Neovim + my own prepl based tooling plugin 😄


I used Emacs for Clojure for several years but switched to Atom because I found Emacs' packages to be fragile (updates often broke things) and I tried several curated package groups as well as building configs from scratch. I just felt Emacs involved too much maintenance time and effort. I use vim for quick editing, esp. on remote servers, but I've never used it for core Clojure development so I can't comment on any of the Clojure integrations for it.


Undo tree is the killer package for me on emacs

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And the way to get around non black backgrounds @U0524B4UW is to just have much brighter neon text haha


Paging @otfrom for backup on that one 😅

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Vim has branching undo with an undo tree too, just saying :)


neon text is definitely the important thing


I do wonder about setting up a function to go from blue->black->blue based on time of day. 😉


even the mouse neons


sooooooo preeeeeettttyyyyyy


Building your own keyboard > making your own emacs config


Emacs as @otfrom wouldn’t speak to me otherwise


I'm using emacs, but then I've always used emacs


other editors are available. I'm just not able to help people with them as I don't know them


Event reminder: Tonight at SkillsMatter I'm giving a session called "Spacemacs - a journey into the joy of Evil (Vim style editing)"


I use Emacs because it is incredibly extensible and yet still very lightweight even with 300 packages installed 🙂 I used to have my own Emacs configuration, but I was missing out on a lot of really useful features that I didn't know existed. I switched to Emacs Live (partly because of the cyberpunk theme) because Clojure just worked and so did autocomplete. Once Emacs Live stopped getting updates I tried Spacemacs and have been hooked ever since. I first used Spacemacs with holy mode (classic Emacs) but gradually picked up the Vim style multi-modal editing. That made a massive positive impact on the way work now.


If I couldnt use Spacemacs, I would probably be using VS Code because the Calva plugin is amazing... and so is the developer 🙂


doom emacs is rather nice as a spacemacs alternative that doesn't make me feel like I'm getting old.

Ben Hammond09:08:16

is there a away to make github higher contrast? choose a bold font for the code or just a larger font I know I can ctrl-+ to embiggen everything but I really just want easier-to-read source code?


I bet there's an extension

Ben Hammond09:08:53

will check it out

dominicm09:08:20 supports setting the code theme, but you have to go all-in on dark


which is pretty meh

Ben Hammond09:08:18

ooh firefox supports yubikey now

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Ben Hammond09:08:28

that's why I've been avoiding it


In other github extension news, Octotree is a must-have for me

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Ben Hammond13:08:18

hehe. for > on steroids I read > spotty and paranoid

Ben Hammond16:08:12

my first day of using pi-hole; nearly 25% blockage wow

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Pihole is great. I have two DNS resolvers at home, each running pihole


does it help with facebook ads? they recently started slipping through my uBlock Origin lists


Not sure how I can test that. I don't have a facebook account.

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If you supply me with a page, I can try...


thats the best solution! I do have one and am waiting for the GDPR process to delete an account to be validated


so far it looks it’ll take a while …


I deleted my profile a few months back. Best decision. facebook is pure evil.


that, coupled with ublock origin on desktop/laptop, I rarely see ads