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Todays Clojure study group broadcast starts at 11am. Its recorded and you can start watching at any time after 11am (it records as it streams so you can join in from the start even after 11am) This week we have an introduction to Clojure CLI tools, rebel-readline, clj-new, using templates to create projects and using aliases. Clojure CLI tools are a relatively new way to start a REPL and work with Clojure dependencies, offering a greater flexibility than the traditional jar file approach. clj-new is a library that allows you to create new projects using the large range of existing project templates from Leiningen and Boot build tools. rebel-readline provides a very rich developer experience to the command line REPL, providing essential features you would expect from a Clojure aware editor.


Morning. Anyone else watching the Wimbledon men's final?


My heart can't handle this


Yes, it was the best men’s Wimbledon final I have seen


It doesn't beat 2008, but it was great. The cricket however...