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Good Morning, Good Morning!


Hi all, unfortunately we have had to cancel tonight's clojure dojo at uswitch tonight. 😔 Apologies for late notice and any inconvenience. See you all next month as usual. I'll send an email out shortly and update the meetup accordingly

Wes Hall11:07:49

Just in case anybody is having a bad day today, look on the bright side, at least you are not the GDPR officer for British Airways... unless you are... in which case, bad luck fam.


Oh, they'll probably weasel the amount down to a pittance.

Wes Hall12:07:54

£183m strikes me as being on the steep side in the first place. I do love the way that they are claiming it was some sophisticated attack though, when, from what I can see, it appears to be a fairly standard XSS style thing.

Wes Hall12:07:40

Apparently they could have been fined 1/2 billion though. I've got no idea what size of a fine would actually collapse BA, but that's gotta be up there.

Wes Hall12:07:50

The interesting thing is, assuming you are some nefarious entity, you don't even need to do a lot of hardcore work to interrupt a given economy. Just do a little script kiddy work and let the ICO do it for you... 🙂


@wesley.hall time to invest in the infosec hardening sector ?

Wes Hall12:07:57

Haha! If the fine stands, i'd definitely say yes.

Wes Hall12:07:48

I'm fully expecting a few, "Don't end up like BA", style pitches hitting my LI inbox in the coming months.


don't end up like BA - consign buffer overflows, unhandled cases, shape errors and bad refs to the bin - switch to haskell tomorrow, let us show you how!


I see a new vocation in marketing @mccraigmccraig 🙂


i'm all over it, expecting the 💵 any time now


Instagram influencers is where the $$$ is at

Wes Hall12:07:39

What's the haskell marketing budget?


Usually 0% of the total marketing budget.


I avoid BA thesedays as a service, it's a vicious circle, their service has deteriorated, so I don't fly, less money, service deterioration.

Wes Hall12:07:52

I've found you can save a lot of money if you just embed a script on their booking page and use other people's credit cards

😂 4