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Morning :rain_cloud:


Mornin' We've just had a heatwave here -- it's been over 100F in the house for half the day 😞


Nope. We almost never need A/C in northern California.


We have a small A/C unit in the bedroom but the rest of the house is at the mercy of the weather.


It's been raining the proverbial cats and dogs here.


re open-plan vs. office. In the book Peopleware (a must read IMHO) it says somewhere that offices are 12% more productive than open-plan based on research done by IBM in the '70. Guess what we had at IBM UK?


Did they measure different kinds of workers against each other?


Somehow, the imagine of star trek, original series, Amok Time where kirk battles spock came to mind there...


I find open plan offices pretty distracting — and I struggle to listen to music on headphones and code, as I get too caught up in the music. I used to have to put headphones on and listen to white noise (actually I preferred grey noise as it’s less harsh); though it’s not the most pleasant thing to listen to for hours. Fortunately at Swirrl these days our office is pretty quiet, so not such a big problem.


@rickmoynihan I've been given noise generators like mynoise as a recommendation


yeah used them too


@dominicm I never found the original research for it, so don't know is the answer.


I used to work in an office where sales people would ring a loud bell when they made a sale


I'm having to drown out the office with loud music when all I want right now is silence. I despise offices and commutes 🙃


in the big co-op HQ building they pump pink noise out 24/7 through speakers in the ceiling


apparently that’s p common in modern buildings


Huh, never heard of that. They just seem to pump out Billie Eilish - Bad Guy 24/7 here. (I do not like mainstream radio...)


I wonder if the constant sound of the air conditioner in our office is pink noise?


if it is, your air conditioner probably has some serious issues


Interesting… now you mention it @alex.lynham I’m sure I heard of places where they interview folk starting to do that … can’t recall but it was something like job centres, probation, that kinda thing… as a kinda privacy guard.


I really like working from home. 🙂


I wish I was allowed 😭


I prefer working from home. Far less distractions.


iirc everything would stop in the case of a fire alarm or drill and I swear everything suddenly became Really Loud ™️


There's also the fact that I'm always slightly too cold in here. Just let me work from home where it's quiet, warm and full of good coffee. (not to mention stable 150mb fiber to the door...)

Wes Hall11:06:53

The central area in the shared office space in which I work seems to play some form of mix tape upon which, "Bananarama - Cruel Summer" is every third song.... 😕


Don’t mock the ’Rama 🙂


But please tweak your random seed, unless you only have four songs in your library.

Wes Hall11:06:19

I don't mind the song so much. It reminds me of that time that, against all odds, I beat my love rival in a karate tournament with the help of a wise old asian man who was running the maintenance in the building my mother had just moved us to, but every 20 minutes is a bit much.


FYI the first season of Cobra Kai on youtube premium was absolutely brilliant, and great for nostalgia, and an alternative perspective on “past events”. IIRC first few episodes anyway — but you can sign up for a free month and cancel instantly and watch the rest within the month. I couldn’t see anything else worth watching on YT premium though — but that definitely was a lot of fun.

Wes Hall16:06:24

@rickmoynihan Binged watched both seasons 🙂. Though if anybody else is reading this thread, I second, third and fourth your suggestion here. The best example of a "revisit" to an iconic movie franchise that I can think of.


Yeah they totally nailed season 1. It was absolutely flawless in every possible way. Definitely not saying it was the best show ever, just given the brief of being a modern day sequel to Karate Kid, it could not have been better. Season 2 had many more flaws than Season 1 but was still entertaining enough. Though I do think it’s probably run the distance.

Wes Hall11:06:08

I think perhaps the thing that bugs me most of all really is the fact that the early-20-somethings that ultimately run the place are appealing to the times in which I actually grew up with a kind of ironic nostalgia.


I lived in a flat in Bracknell where someone decided to play “Stay” by Shakespear Sister on loop for five hours (during the sleeping hours). I’ve got battle scars.


Me playing Pink Floyd had the same effect on others 😉


depends on which album!


That it does.


all of them. all of them cause my scars to itch

🙂 4

I had a flatmate that would come home drunk and play Hocus Pocus by Focus on full volume at all hours

Wes Hall12:06:45

I have to admit, I am the kind of person who can listen to the same song or small set of songs over and over again... it's just important that I get to choose them.


All your song choice are belong to us 😉


Lol, nice 🙂


I heard they narrowly avoided naming that one 'The Pervert Owl'