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Morning folks 🙂

Rachel Westmacott09:02:26

re: JVMs, 8, but eyeing up 11


Aloha beautiful people 🙂

Rachel Westmacott09:02:19

re: figwheel ports - should the template that generates figwheel projects make up a random port, and the you can manually reconfigure / git commit if there’s a conflict?

Rachel Westmacott09:02:17

(the whole port registry thing sounds like a whole lot of complexity)


With Figwheel main, people now navigate to Figwheel manually. But yeah, I think a random port, maybe combined with an optional "taken ports" edn file is the better solution here.

Rachel Westmacott09:02:31

re: what everyone else is now talking about - good morning!


Can somebody send me some reply to this in a thread please?


Had a notification I had a threaded comment waiting, but it had fallen off the end of the 10k free message storage limit, so I couldn't make the notification go away...


Getting a new threaded message and reading it cleared it


I'm thinking of expanding the clojure web apps workshop that I ran the other day as people have been asking for next steps


and I was thinking something along the lines of hartl's classic Rails Tutorial where you make a small Twitter clone


my question is


which tech to choose as the basis for teaching it?


options: 1. Luminus (prob w/ re-frame) 2. Duct (prob w/ re-frame) 3. Compojure-api (API) and re-frame (frontend)


I did a lot of my learning from Luminus but there’s an awful lot going on to pick up anything meaningful.


0. reitit (one routing framework for clj & cljs)


(ah, just saw that it was mentioned further down in discussion…)


what's everybody using for their real-world stuff? I've used 1 & 3 a lot as patterns for clj(s) web apps


vote on this msg if you like by clicking the emoji or reply with thoughts, thanks everyone 🙂

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Where is the 'pretty UI is for other people' option

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We built this for a workshop. I would be interested in potentially collaborating. Although this was designed around trying to teach clojure, and the web part of it is hidden to the user.


ah, so my goal is getting a web app done in clojure so they learn the clojure almost by stealth/without it being the thing they focus on/get intimidated by


doesn't sound like our goals are that different though 🙂


I guess the other thing guiding the choice betwixt the three above is that I kinda want people to finish it and then be able to get a job as 'I've done some clojure and know how to put together a simple production ready clj web app'


like, they've touched all the parts and feel confident


b/c I remember that as what the Rails Tutorial felt like having come from PHP


When I say "hidden" I mean that code is tweaked, and then the UI automatically updates. I went pretty far, I even made it so (reset) triggered the frontend to re-fetch data.


I'll have a read of the readme and the code 🙂


Sounds like your goal is definitely bigger than mine was, but we're actually really keen to have some additional tutorials as part of Edge's set. vent was designed for lighter sessions, but I really want a full end-to-end tutorial eventually.


cool, I'll have a tinker 🙂


I guess classic issue is unlike Ruby there's not one standard web stack, but that's cool too


why not luminus tho? I liked it, and I was also thinking of doing something like “stealth teaching programming”, and having a ready made skeleton with gaps to fill out is an excellent way to motivate people who need small successes to gain confidence


I've used this for showing clojure microservices before... need to bump the deps and dockerize it if I'm going to use it again as it hasn't been used in a year lol


I quite like the opinionated approach of potentially going 'here's a front end repo and a back end repo' à la option 3 as that's probably how I would encourage a team to build projects in python or what have you now as I've seen for SPAs that often scales pretty well


so far looks like compojure-api is 'winning'... interesting


I had thought compojure api had been succeeded by retit


duly noted, wasn't aware that was the new way of doing it 🙂


@alex.lynham I'm not entirely sure it is, but I had thought I'd read something about it.


it looks like it supports most of the same use-cases, for sure


will need to dig a little deeper I think, but I appreciate the link 🙂


(I've also made a copy of this poll on jobs-discuss to see what folk there say)


@dominicm hasn't blown his own trumpet yet, so I'll help him out a little 😉

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welcome to our usually off topic corner of the slack


since we have iirc by far the most active regional sub-slack, and therefore a large amount of ontopicicity, I think we should forgive ourselves a degree of offtopicicity @otfrom


I'm mostly here for (sometimes UK-specific) OT banter. I'm surprised when talk turns to Clojure 🙂 I mean, I can get that anywhere!

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