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Morning morning


\O morning


it is snowing here in Rotterdam at the moment.... :snow_cloud: ❄️


Morning All! I am in a cold and sunny London MISSING BEING SNOWED IN IN SCOTLAND! 😞


sunny in Dundee today, but cold.


(honestly @maleghast I would have thought that you would know that Scotland is big enough to have different kinds of weather on the same day 😉 )


Yeah, I meant MY bit of Scotland, clearly! 😛


ah, the Trossachs then, why don't you say that. 😉

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Honestly that sounds like some weird regional drinking toast

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@U050DMSA5 does this mean clojure-uk has now its drinking toast? XD


I think it does!!!


Skål! Wassail! Prosit! Trossachs!


(can't help myself: skaal! or skål! 😬)


Thank you <3


"skol" would sound roughly like the english word "school" ... "skoll" would be close to how english tv portrays vikings, and the non-existent english-pronounced word "skawl" is probably closest to the scandinavian pronunciation of "skål" - i find it amazing how differently different languages can use the same alphabet


Possibly I heard it mispronounced


By the time I typed that out, it went through multiple layers of encoding including Polish pronunciation so who knows XD I’m going to look for a sound recording :)


second syllable of "skawl" as in the tool "awl" or the second syllable of "shawl" or "ball" or "fall"


english spelling is the worst. i should learn the phonetic alphabet, except i'd only be able to communicate with linguists


it's sleeting here


phew, I think the workshop we ran at LL yesterday went okay... everybody managed to get to the end of the main exercise at least

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Ben Hammond10:01:04

lightly snowing in Pertth


@ben.hammond you wanna move to sunny Dundee pal 😉

Ben Hammond10:01:12

haha. the national view is so dismal its natural to retreat into your local surroundings


I'm still overall happy with national Scottish politics (well, compared to Westminster anyway. I remember how depressed I was about it all when my local Labour MP Chuka Umunna was wanting to get rid of freedom of movement and blaming immigrants for not integrating)


I do know there are lots of problems with Scottish politics still. I do realise this isn't a utopia.

Ben Hammond11:01:32

certainly its a novel sensation when the SNP look like the grwnn ups in the room

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maybe 1cm of snow on the ground here in Saddleworth… heavy snow forecast after lunch though


the snow has finally made it to Dundee


re my question for yesterday. No-deal would mean the return of hard border in Ireland. source Guardian.


Anyone else using intellij + lein + deps at the same time 👀

Ben Hammond16:01:02

only whilst migrating on to deps

Ben Hammond16:01:27

it can get a bit confused about who is in charge

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good night everyone... and I just wanted to say that I sent 10k message from my own MQTT client to my own broker with QOS 0 and 1 (only the protocol flow not the actual things needed to make it proper QOS 1).


I am rather pleased myself.


:thumbsup: MQTT is a really nice, well designed and specified protocol. Infinitely better than STOMP and the like. Many years ago I started work on a Clojure implementation of an MQTT broker using Netty; sadly the company folded before I got too far 😞


I vaguely remember something about that, it was a good effort.


You’re probably thinking of something else… I’m pretty sure it was private


Initially I wrote a clj STOMP implementation… actually motivated by Rich Hickey evangelising it as a possible transport protocol to what became nREPL… However it turned out STOMP is horrendously underspecified. The spec is only simple because it leaves the parsing rules up to the imagination. A colleague discovered MQTT which is I recall a brilliant, well written, detailed spec, of a good protocol.


aah ok... what was the reason not to use an existing broker implementation? @U06HHF230


writing your own is actually quite a lot of work (as I am finding out) and I am just doing it for the fun of it.


No good reason TBH. Essentially there were big problems with the next funding round, and we weren’t getting paid so a bunch of us didn’t have anything better to do than meet in the office, hack on whatever we wanted and apply for jobs with people that had money. I’d been working on some STOMP stuff as a lighterweight alternative to the bits of XMPP we were using when I was getting paid, and thought MQTT looked pretty neat. Other motivating reasons were that we’d built what was pretty much exactly slack, (but not as polished), but over XMPP, with mobile clients on iOS and Android and native clients on mac and windows. We were using ejabberd, so I was having to extend it in various ways with Erlang to integrate with bits and bobs… I really found what Rich Hickey said about Actors being inextensible to be true… plus also I’d been using RX in the windows desktop client, and really liked it so was curious about what something RX like would be like in clojure… I’d written a simple RX-like lib; but it was very unfinished; and IIRC Stuart Sierrra was doing something similar at the time which was a fair bit nicer than mine… Then manifold and core.async came along. So it was just a combination of things I’d been looking at at the time, and having a lot of free time to play about… I didn’t get that far, before I managed to convince someone to pay my bills again 🙂


makes sense... and a good story nevertheless