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@maleghast EKS stuff going well so far... i've gotten all our app dependencies installed pretty straightforwardly (mostly with operators which define custom-resources and turn the deployment of a complex stateful component like kafka or elasticsearch into a single yaml file) ... log collection (to ES) turned out to be almost trivial too -


all i've got left to do is our actual app components, which are just a bunch of independent processes these days, with a load-balancer fronting - should be very straightforward


I caught some of the earlier discussion @mccraigmccraig about DC/OS and Kafka… So what is this, your “diary” on your move away from DC/OS to EKS ?


Cool, keep it coming 🙂


And you know what they say, “Early settlers get the arrows”, so once you suffer through all the edge cases, we won’t have to 🙂 Thanks in advance

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@seancorfield I have a github repo with all my PDFs so I can pull it down wherever I have a work laptop


the other thing that is nice about the k8s pattern (current team was already on it when I stepped up onto it) is how easy it makes local dev. Translating a k8s deployment to a couple of docker compose files has a v low impedance mismatch. I've been onboarding new engineers to the project in hours, whereas on some projects it takes a week before people even get a commit in


previously I wasn't a massive fan of docker for local dev but I think I've been converted by the k8s story