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I've always assumed capitalised 'Morning' means phone autocorrect at play... am I on the money?


No, I was obviously feeling a bit formal this morning!


No, not at all. I’m just very polite.


And I like my caps in the right pLace.


@alex.lynham I never use Slack on my phone, it’s a distraction. No Facebook either. Twitter with all the notifications turned off too. There’s a certain level of normality and sensibility I need.

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I probably spend too much time on slack on my phone, but very often I get pretty big rewards. Zulip was quite interesting in my usage, because it was so easy to come back to things later.

Rachel Westmacott09:12:21

“Zulip was” - is the experiment concluded?


I wouldn't say concluded. Just that the initial burst of usage has petered a little.

Rachel Westmacott09:12:55

does it handle history more cheaply than slack?


It's largely what I expected, as its the same pattern as other attempts at alternative chat tools


@dominicm - Did you like Zulip then..?


i did not get on with zulip... i found the stream of threads model confusion-inducing


I love zulip. The fact multiple conversations on unrelated topics could happen simultaneously was fantastic.


@peterwestmacott free for us, as open source project

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Quick question for all... Anyone interested in being put in touch with a CEO who is hunting for a HoE / CTO, where there is potential for you to "choose your own adventure" and choose Clojure..? Old friend / former colleague of mine is looking for someone ready to step up, and who has strong technical opinions with the wherewithal to back them up...

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I suspect the location won't work for me but if they need an interim CTO to get the ball rolling I'd consider a contract once I'm free from current commitments (probably about mid Feb)


I would be happy to intro you - can you point me at a CV..?


Will stress that if it's Londonbased then you'd want to stress interim as a word. Where does__ work for you geographically?


I'm based near Newcastle Upon Tyne. I can do London but I have no intention of relocating permanently so it would always be a contract/temp thing unless it was fully remote. Check my linked in profile for 'CV' it's pretty up to date . Last CTO role I had was early 2015 for Opencast Software Ltd.


I know zero about the company in question, it's a pure intro to an intro for which I gain nothing but helping out a friend or two 🙂


I'm busy already 😉