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Morning, I'm running another session of my Clojure study group at 11am today, watch live or the recorded broadcast at

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Afternoon 😃


Just thought I’d drop this in here in case someone knows? Are there any good resources on consuming clojure libs from clojurescript? I’m trying to use cljc as much as possible. Specifically I’ve been working with loom (mixture) and ubergraph (java focus) as they both bring things to the table and I want to wrap up the complexities of dealing with them in a cljc namespace.


@jr0cket, where are the prior study sessions? I’ll see if I can give them a watch =)… Tips are always nice ^_^…


never mind, found them… (Not used to the youtube live streaming UI)…


All the videos are accessible in the page that defines the study guide (as it evolves) and the Practicalli Clojure book itself is very much work in progress


There’s some pretty good stuff here =)…


Actually, one question, have you used core.async a lot? I keep wanting to use peek, to determine if I should process the next value or not.


Also @jr0cket there’s a bug on the navigators on the page you linked me to…


Clicking on bike assembly or any of the other options under core.async generates this sort of thing:

And doesn’t end up navigating anywhere…


@folcon the book is very much work in progress. I am using the virtual study group as a way to focus on completing the book and hope to have most sections complete by the end of 2018 (unless someone gives me a job offer I cant refuse before then).


Ah, that’s cool =)…


Maybe have an empty page there saying it’s not complete?


I fixed the broken link, thanks. Please consider all pages incomplete for the rest of this month. I have just started going through the book again as noted on the front page. Anything not complete by the end of the month will have a message saying its still work in progress (if not before). Any suggestions for the book are most welcome.



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No problem =)… And thanks for the resource!