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just finished putting together the new desk \o/


working on day two of my 100 days of code...


what happens in 100 days of code @jr0cket?


a lot of code 🙂 There are now three of us in the #100-days-of-code channel taking the challenge to write a minimum of 1 hours code every day. Its also recommended to publish a journal of what we are doing, which is all on Github and tweeted about on twitter


I made a covert attempt at day 1 yesterday and registered on the Clojure track on exercism io, but today already feels like a bit of a write off. Think I should pick a project idea and run with that.


@U0MFQNXFZ I feel it’s the sharing of the work and your thoughts that is the most valuable aspect of the challenge. The ‘rules’ state that the rules are flexible, so you could define your own schedule (e.g. exorcism every Monday evening). For myself, committing to a schedule publicly is helpful to stop pontificating (or certainly reduce it).


Totally get that 🙂