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@seancorfield I don't want to spam the clojure ML but 👍 on your comment in Chad's thread.


Thanks. I'd been meaning to chime in on that thread for a while -- and I've clashed with people over this in the past. Anyone who says "Wah! The CA and patch process is too onerous!" is, in my opinion, just being lazy and looking for an excuse for their non-contribution. I've been doing OSS development for 25 years so I feel somewhat justified in having a strong opinion on this 🙂


yea. especially now that the CA is electronic


I won't name names but there are people that have been very vocal about how painful the contrib process is and how that drove them away from contributing who have commit rights to contrib repos. That winds me up a lot


Yeah, I just checked the list of contributors. I know at least one person that I'm sure you're including in that 🙂


@seancorfield really jealous of how you managed to get clients to take your services remotely. Despite 20 years of architecture experience no one wants to hire me as a remote architect let alone a remote developer! Clients will pay for me to travel (despite my rates for remote being 15 -20% less!)


I don't know what to say by way of advice. My first client was in Australia so remote was really the only option for them (I reviewed their code base and wrote them a coding standard document -- for a fixed cost that really didn't have room for US/AU travel). Both of the clients that ended up hiring me full-time already had remote teams so it wasn't even an issue there. Luck of the draw I guess?


These days, I wouldn't accept a job that forced me into an office -- but that's easy to say when I have a great, well-paid, full-time remote job. Who knows what I'd really trade off, if I actually had to...


@mccraigmccraig @bronsa - Thanks for responding - I was offline (I currently only have internet access from a café near to where I live during their operating hours - still waiting for my internet connection to be sorted) The short answer is that I don’t know__ that I am not leaking memory or doing “daft” things as I am feeling my way with Clojure + Datomic and to an extent with Clojure + SQL The memory failure was as a direct result of trying to create a Datomic database with well over 1Mn datoms on an AWS instance with 2Gb of RAM - frankly I was “ok” with that not being enough resources.


So, overall I am content with running a “bigger” instance in order that there is lots of headroom, for now. In the fullness of time I will absolutely look at profiling and improving things, but running an m4 instance is fine for now and I am not having any more headaches.


deck from @elise_huard's talk on Data Science and clojure today


No sighting of your face so far @otfrom


Though your name made it into Elise's talk.


I might escape unscathed


surely I'm too old to be a current meme


@otfrom didn’t want to be too inside-jokey, though I’m guessing pretty much everyone of Europe’s clojure community has seen your picture by this point 🙂


@elise_huard I think new people find it a bit off putting (that is what I've heard from feedback anyway)


@elise_huard subtley hidden face in a corner would have been a nice hat tip


For next time 😛


I heard that got a shout out in a talk at EuroClojure -- anyone know which one?


So, here’s the thing… How would I carry on inserting rows if one of the rows threw an Exception based on a column value not being unique when it was supposed to be..? I rather expected Clojure to carry on, but it dies… I want the code / program to simply discard that row and keep moving, as there is a good chance there will be duplicates and the program is (going to be) doing automated fetch and store operations…


Is it as simple as wrapping in a try/catch block and not really__ doing anything with the catch..?


(I tried it while waiting for a response and it does appear to do what I want… Thanks!)


I love it when things just work the way that you would expect.


EuroClojure party over...


Our flat is miles away, but the district is funky. Food is being ordered.