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I have a terrible habit (I'm trying to break) of putting too much on a slide, I try to limit myself to max 8 bullet points and a few words per point. I have a friend who averages three words per slide and I've never seen him use more than eight...however most of his slides are marketing type slides about hign level concepts with a word (or two) per concept. Still he uses images more than words and you have to listen to him, it's very effective.


I am using reveal.js via org-reveal.el and org mode in Emacs


agile_geek: You lost me at "Emacs" 😉


morning, good meetup last night

Rachel Westmacott08:06:52

I once did an ascii art presentation at the REPL

Rachel Westmacott08:06:48

(that’s not a recommendation though)


This app is nice if you’re on (mac)?(OS)(X)?


Is this the most sensible approach for connecting to a MS SQL Server database?


@yogidevbear someone was asking about this in (I think) #clojure the other day. I'd recommend a quick search of the slack history. The solution was a little meh 😞


someone there who's name I recognise (@dpsutton I think) has experience with this.


Looks like 10k has eaten that thread already 😞 - I'll repost in #sql and see what people come back with


I maintain so I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about that.