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Hope you landed safely @seancorfield


Hmm - just saw the cucumber stuff. We used it heavily at my last job, around 2008ish, and frankly it sucked - we never really got it refactored into a clean DSL, you were always fighting it. These days most people I work with use BDD language but in a normal test tool like junit or spock


I really like Spock if you are doing Java-world testing, you can use BDD language, you can do tabular tests, you can initialise data using groovy rather than Java pain.


I have mixed experiences with Cucumber but most of the pain in BDD testing has come from driving the UI using it. I prefer making the rendering layer as thin as possible and using BDD to drive most of the e2e tests against an API just below (inside?) the rendering layer with a few 'smoke' tests on the full UI on critical use cases (e.g. shopping bag, payment journey, etc).


@seancorfield ditto hope the journey was OK...or as OK as it can be given the circumstances.


Thanks. Yeah, day at mum's. Then down to Devon tomorrow.


anyone had any bad experiences with loading yourkit agent on production vms ?


do you prefer yourkit over visualvm?


don't know @jonpither - i've used yourkit to debug many memory issues in the past and am familiar with it, not so much visualvm


jvisualvm just works with jmx ports I think, so no need for the agent


but haven't tried yourkit as an agent in prod


i think you can use yourkit without the agent too, but with restricted capabilities


you have to hook up jstatsd to use visualvm on a remote system with more than restricted capabilities


yourkit is doing great - more expensive than visualvm tho