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Rachel Westmacott06:04:20


([& agents])
  Blocks the current thread (indefinitely!) until all actions
  dispatched thus far, from this thread or agent, to the agent(s) have
  occurred.  Will block on failed agents.  Will never return if
  a failed agent is restarted with :clear-actions true.


Hmm, never used it, probably never will.


cor, agents, haven't used them in a while... i used them once in an async twitter api client, but i think i would use promises & streams now


await reads like a rather risky function.


It's a bit strange to me: I mostly write webapp-y server-side applications, which means I don't touch var containers at all. I have used them extensively in one application, but I don't see me working on that much 🙂


Morning all - coincidentally, I actually read about await this morning in Joy of Clojure, which I'm reading through. From reading all your comments, maybe I'll just skip to the next chapter 🙂


Morning All 🙂


@danp maybe read it anyway... and then tell us why we are wrong/right 😉


haha @thomas - I didn't say I understood any of it!


@danp neither do I... but I just read the description and the fact that it can block for ever is (almost) a good enough reason for me to try and not use it.


then again.... it might have a lot of value in some arcane case that I am not aware of.


true true, all I could think of when reading was "I'll probably never need this, but should read it for completion's sake" 😄


@agile_geek everyone wants to be you right now! 🙂


@dotemacs no they don't. I am in that horrible situation where you've spent ages proving the bug doesn't exist but the biz users insists it does exist


Wish I could but first I have to prove a negative!


there you go with your virtuous behaviour making life difficult for yourself!

Rachel Westmacott10:04:18

isn’t the onus on them to provide a reproducible test case?


submit a placebo fix

Rachel Westmacott10:04:00

I wasn’t actually joking. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled.




more seriously, get a bizuser to do a screencap vid showing the bug in action


@mccraigmccraig that is what our customers tend to do. a screencap of the bug in action is very helpful indeed.


Similar string of thoughts: Do you guys have separate "issue" lists for biz users & technical? The Biz users being high level requirements which allows them to choose importance, and then a technical board for developers to actually build it.


@dominicm nope. just one Jira board for both.


and as both biz users and tech users are stakeholders they should have an insight into what is the over all priority IMHO


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