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I bought a bike yesterday 🚲 😀


and cycled to the station this morning...


@thomas aren't you afraid of being stereo-typically Dutch? Reminds me, must get out on one of my bikes. Not sure the weather is good enough for the road bike but the cyclocross might come out for a spin.

Rachel Westmacott08:03:53

surely stereotypes arise because they are an effective combination of traits?


@agile_geek no... but not having had a bike for the last month was rather weird. (and not having a car either). it kinda limited what we could do. depending on busses etc.


and somehow not having a bike meant I wasn't fully integrated in society either


I've heard that getting a drivers licence in the Netherlands is extremely difficult


You have to give way to cyclist.....always! Which is cool. Conversely all cyclists must use cycle lanes if they are provided. At least that's my understanding.


I'm convinced the test in London is just "Use your horn in leu of indicators or any other traffic signal"


London cycling is mad. Actually everyone on the road in London is mad. By my observations, 1/3 of cyclists obey traffic signals, 1/3 obey them unless they have a clear road and then they just sneak across, and 1/3 completely ignore everything but their need for speed.


Cars are more like 80% / 15% / 5% in the same categories 🙂


in NL as a cyclist you basically do what you want... car drivers just better pay attention 😉


The advice I was given when I first drove in London was 'You can get away with anything as long as you make it clear what you're doing' - I think most people forget the last part 🙂


Why does London even have roads? who'd be crazy enough to drive in London? Isn't it better to just Tube about?


I rely on tubes to get around, last time I drove in London was to transport my mums textile work to an exhibition at the Mall Gallery - that isn't so easy on the tube 😉


I feel like we just need a good delivery network for companies then :thinking_face:


Freight Underground?


it is what the postoffice did in london... they had their own tunnel


@thomas yes, and they plan to open part of the post office underground railway as a tourist attraction sometime in the near future


(it's been out of use since the 1990s I think)


and wasn't there some system with small tubes to send stuff around as well? powered by air pressure.


cycling is by far the quickest way to get around central london - that's what the roads are for @dominicm !


car-less roads?


that would be amazing - i remember one time when all the roads around trafalgar square were closed for some big thing in the square, and it was like a different, much more awesome, city


The vast majority on the roads are taxis and trucks. A lot of people prefer to spend 40 minutes in a comfortable quiet taxi/uber, and £20 (where both the £ and the 🕐 are paid for by their company) than squeeze into the tube for 15 minutes.


And the trucks won't go away until we have some dramatic tech revolution to get deliveries to shops/restaurants/offices, by drone or air-tube or something.


I do think there's lots of scope in the future for transport segregation - we have one road network which only allows driverless vehicles, one network for pedestrians + cycle lanes, and one network for the rest. Where the "rest" roads probably don't go anywhere near central London.


Drones could work... but not for argos, right?


I can imagine a few baskets of food for a cafe


but not 10 beds, 10 wardrobes, etc. for an argos


I like the idea of carts & underground freight trains


My car-less roads allow for people to push carts on them containing beds & wardrobes


mixing driverless vehicles and cyclists will be fine won't it ? the machines presumably won't suffer from the anger/ego issues which seem to plague british drivers so much


though maybe tesla will have to supplement their 'insane' mode with an 'asshole' mode for the british market ?


Hey, an actual clojure question 🙂 What's the current simplest way to build a really simple http/json API? In the sort of place where in Ruby I'd use Sinatra? In the past I'd have used compojure, but I haven't looked at this space for a while. If I were building something real of course I'd want something like yada 🙂 but I just want quick and dirty...

Rachel Westmacott10:03:49

does yada not do quick and dirty?

Rachel Westmacott10:03:04

I mean obviously speed will depend on your familiarity with it


I did wonder about that, but my familiarity with it is low 🙂 I can have a dig.


Thanks, that's useful. (It's annoying how slack hides thread responses - I only just noticed this. 😞 )


That’s also one of the main benefits of threads: so a few folks can go off in a corner and discuss something at length without clogging up the main channel 🙂


splitters. 😉


That'd be fine, if it was a bit more visible to people in the thread. Maybe there's an alert setting I missed...


There should be “All Threads” up in the top left (below “All Unreads”). You may need to update Slack or enable something for that…?


I can see that, it's just quite subtle to notice that it's gone from grey to white, so I should click on it,rather than just looking in the channel that I already have open.


Ah, for me it goes from pale grey medium to black bold so it’s very noticeable — I have a custom “Clojure” theme in Slack for Clojurians.


It’s a bit like the Hoth theme — I find it a lot more readable overall than the dark themes.

Rachel Westmacott10:03:58

I do feel that yada is still a little lacking in simple example code


you are going to have to team yada up with a routing lib so it's a bit more complex than a simple compojure setup


yada is a lot less effort from a viewpoint of "turn stuff into json"

Rachel Westmacott10:03:39

I just use bidi with yada for routing - it was a while before I fully internalised that they were separate libraries



Rachel Westmacott10:03:15

(of course I'm just advocating for the thing I’m currently familiar with)

Rachel Westmacott10:03:57

also, if you want quick and dirty - what is wrong with using the thing you used in the past?


i’d probably use compojure


I'm surprised nobody uses clout tbh


I'd probably still use compojure as well. especially if you can control the client a well


what does client have to do with compojure :thinking_face:


if you need a big RESTful interface with (potentially) lots of clients you don't control it is worth spending time to learn yada and get a fully HTTP compliant server


nothing really...


Interesting that yada is viewed as harder. That's a bit of a misconception.


There's a little more upfront. But the gains don't just apply to lots of clients.


but using compojure it is quite tricky to make a fully HTTP compliant server


not only. I agree.


but quick and dirty I personally would still go compojure. as I know it... and despite the talk I gave with @malcolmsparks 15 months ago I still have learned yada 😇


I could probably just steal what's in - it still needs the startup boilerplate though. Maybe I should be asking in #yada


ta everyone who reviewed it at some point


@korny that is the whole point of Edge... ready to be refactored to your needs. and a good starting point.


forgot about that


and yes... #yada is a good place to ask


NPM Packages have been the bane of my life today .. TL;DR the unicode package goes out to as a post install step to grab a document. After months of 10s of stateless reproducible builds a day (yes I do cache dependencies also, separate story.) they blocked the IPs of my build box sigh


Just thankful it wasn't routing through the bastion


Library authors, embed your assets in the package, if it needs to be updated, update the package!