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adulteratedjedi everything is a ghetto. That's what thattommyhall says

Pablo Fernandez12:01:11

geeez... packaging react-toolbox for cljsjs is proving to be so hard.


Interesting timing for Cursive to prompt me for annual renewal of license update as I finally deep dive into cider. A couple of weeks ago, it would be an immediate yet, but now? Might just see how emacs works for me....

Pablo Fernandez15:01:08

@paulspencerwilliams well… Cursive has been out for slightly over a year.


@pupeno yeah, I'm not complaining. It was a year since I bought a license, and I might well go back. I've spent maybe 5 years using IntelliJ so it's a natural first choice when playing with Clojure, and I really like it. But I'm always willing to try alternatives to see what they offer.


Don't forget vim 😉 total advocate

Pablo Fernandez15:01:11

@paulspencerwilliams I never seriously done any Java, so, I never used IntelliJ, but I did use RubyMine. It’s refactoring tools have little competition and now I’m enjoying Cursive a lot 🙂


@pupeno yeah, a couple of my Ruby mates swear by RubyMine, and others are resolute VIMers. I like Jetbrains a lot. I use AppCode a fair bit when doing coding heavy native iOS dev.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:54

Well… I guess I was doing serious Java at Google, but I was using Eclipse.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:17

That was back in the day in which I cared more about the license of my tools than my productivity.


Eclipse is one IDE I've never been able to use.


I'm quite excited by Project Rider too. Colleagues have tried it for coding acceptance tests on a large project, and whilst it's still not quite 'there', it may provide a Visual Studio less future which will make them very happy bunnies.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:54

oh… that looks interesting.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:04

I always found Visual Studio overrated.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:30

And yes… AppCode is so much better tan Xcode it’s not even funny.


Yeah, I hope I find my React Native exploration fruitful, and a further way of getting away from XCode. Although the Storyboard tools are okay. It's just not a productive code editing tool.

Pablo Fernandez15:01:34

Ah,.. React Native. I’ll have to look into that at some point.

Pablo Fernandez16:01:29

Hopefully… by the time I get to it, it’ll be a bit more mature… I could us working with a mature tech right now (I’m frustrated after many days… weeks even, of fighting clojurescript, webpack, react, react-toolbox, cljsjs, etc).


I was a Vi(m) user for over 20 years, then got won over by spacemacs (I will go to my death bed believing editing text the "vim way" is the most efficient) and it made me appreciate emacs. Then I had to use PHPStorm and Intellij's IDEA for a bit (for various reasons) and it made me get over my hatred of IDE's..... Nowerdays I flip between spacemacs and Idea, I think Colin has done a really great job with cursive.

Pablo Fernandez16:01:17

Yeah, I’m impressed by Colin’s work and how friendly he’s here at the Cursive channel. He helped me quite a bit and I’m trying to return the favor helping him set Windows key maps for Cursive.


Currently writing a Plugin for Idea/DataGrips, to add Datomic support to the DB Tools.. It sure is differen't to extending emacs lol


Yeah I saw that @pupeno


@gjnoonan something I missed in spacemacs (wondering if I was just stupid and didn't see it) is that there didn't seem be text objects for lisp, or operators for cider.