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It’s all relative. 7am is a lie in for us in t'midlands


Working my way through Clojure Applied atm. It’s a good book. Really sets context to some stuff I’ve learned in bits.


@paulspencerwilliams I read it when it was on early release. I think it fills in how to build an app. It's the only 'intermediate' book I've found on Clojure


Clojure Web apps is quite good too.


obviously fairly specific though.


and very opinionated.


Yeah read that too but it felt more like a beginner book than Clojure Applied. I felt it was more like a set of tutorials than a set of advice and experience about design


yeah, maybe. It was fairly basic for an experienced web developer, but if you were okay at basic clojure, then a good book to introduce compojure etc.


Don't get me wrong. It's a good book but after the basics I needed advice on how to build and structure Clojure code. I'm going to use a dirty word in the Clojure community but what 'design patterns' to use. I think Clojure Applied is the only book I've read at that level. Clojure Cookbook is good but it's much more granular and again more like a set of tutorials.