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@bigkahuna saw this thread a few days back but it's moved on a bit since then. I tend to agree with @cfleming that it's not possible to implement a good ML style typing system and maintain Java interop. Given that the Java-verse is a major reason for Clojure adoption I think contract based runtime checking (like Spec) with generative testing is the best we're going to get. Although this does make me want to go look at @ambrosebs work on grandual typing as I've not looked at core.typed in over a year. Having said all that as I have a limited formal CS background and I stopped studying it in the mid 80's before a practical Hindley-Milner type system had been developed I am severely under qualified to have an opinion!


morning from Bratislava


@jonpither I saw the tweet from the JUXT "roadtrip" to #euroclojure. How's it going?


not bad - currently chilling in a coffee shop


Tommy Hall kept us up last night


the conf starts tomorrow


really? thattommyhall did that? That is so... unexpected?


Haven't seen @thattommyhall since about April!


Hello @agile_geek have you created the issue for the ClojureBridge event yet? I cant see one, so was going to create one now....


@jr0cket it was on my list of stuff to do but I lost most of yesterday driving to London to move back into a flat here so didn't get around to it. If you raise it it might be worth putting @sassela as the organiser? Looks good to have a female friendly face, not that your face is not also friendly of course. 😉


Yes, I was going to put Abby as the organiser and as the organiser contact email. They put my mush on the last one instead of Yolina's...


@jr0cket cool. If you link to Abby's github they should get the right account - although she will look like a Panda then apparently!


l have started working on an alternative curriculum for ClojureBridge, based on the feedback that the content was not as friendly for non-programmers. I have tried to make it more practical too. Feedback welcome


I'm not very good at keeping up with slacks


hi @thattommyhall what time you get up this am?


I got up for the jog


Did anyone ever create a logo for London Clojurians ? If not, anyone interested in creating a logo for the community?


jr0cket I think Skills Matter created the current on they use on their site


for us anyway


@jr0cket you must have read my mind...I was just looking at the logo (or lack of one) in github for ldnclj!


Red and blue is scheme