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Hey, is anyone around this evening?


It’s pretty quiet here on the weekend.


^ hey guys, wonder what you think on this: Have read some interesting discussions going on over here: The top comment (as of right now) discusses the merit of the practice of extracting as many functions from a large function as possible. My understanding is that this is encouraged in Clojure (having a library of lots of small descriptive helper functions is ideal), wonder if anyone here has strong opinions on the opposite of this? My (limited) experience with the Racket community is that this is practised less often.


I’m pretty balanced on this topic. Keep something logically one function until it’s complexity grows sufficient to refactor out. Testing larger functions is difficult so it CAN be justification to break down but again, it’s a balance. A NS with 100 tiny functions is just as difficult if not more difficult to understand as one with 10 larger functions.