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@malcolmsparks in a spirit of public service i'm willing to assist you with the problem of the unopened beer 😄


Happy to pass my address on too.


You have to nip those TooMuchBeerException exceptions in the bud 😎


as many ppl have some ideas about your beer @jonpither @malcolmsparks i share mine as well: you could reward open source contribution (solving github/etc issues) with them (perhaps specifically for clojure related projects). i mean hacktoberfest and tshirts are fine but beer even more motivating...


otfrom: That interactive development with Clojure.spec blog was interesting. I liked the workflow although I know I'd have to write example based tests first as I'd never get the spec right from the start. I found the actual blog difficult to follow simply because I had to stop at various points and re-read the spec docs but that's just my lack of use of spec.