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@korny sounds like a possibility, doing the travel once a month is definitely something possible, worst case scenario would be to have too many people from Oxford but we can see that later. Is there already something started in MK?


Nothing specifically Clojure / FP - there’s a Java group that the Juxt folks have been filling with Clojure, and there are some other meetups, but I haven’t actually been to that many myself (as I said, I usually go to London things when I go to things :)


I’d also suggest that people be careful with generic “fp” groups - they can be awesome, but you need to keep an eye out for biases towards particular kinds of FP. In Melbourne we had a great fp group that was very clojure-friendly, had a lot of interest in all sorts of languages. But in Brisbane I heard that their FP group was very hard-line with a big Scala faction and a big academic faction, and at least one person I know was told “Clojure isn’t a real FP language, go away”!


Haha that’s a good point.


not real fp go away? Sometimes the problem isn't with the subject but the organisers


Brisbane had … lets be diplomatic … one “difficult” personality who was (is?) quite prominent in the Scala community, a big contributor to some large Scala toolkits, and who had some personality issues, and quite a few people who followed his lead. Also caused a few nasty online flame-wars and the like. So yes, more of a people problem than a subject problem.


Sorry to drag Australian gossip here, probably should just move on and pretend it never happened 🙂


our group is slightly clojure flavoured because I organise it, but there’s also some F# and Scala people who come along most months


How academic (for lack of a better term) is it? It was always interesting with our FP group, some people wanted to talk about categories of endofunctors, some people wanted to talk about patterns of async coding in different languages, or how to squeeze FP back into Java/C#/JavaScript work. It actually made for some interesting discussions on both sides, but it seemed risky that it could easily go to far in either direction


ours is mostly a combination of the latter and intros to various languages


Hello UK peoples!


FP group in Manila (as mentioned previously) is a Scala Stealth group 😉


“Oh yeah we just love FP” “So how come you are all Scala developers?” “Oh, no, James over there is all about OCaml"


FP means different things to different people


Although it’s not like Scala enforces that you encode side-effects in the type sig


I ❤️ Clojure, but I also dabble with Haskell and Elixir and I fancy learning Idris, mostly ‘cos @bodil talked my ear off about it and I’ve just not got around to it yet, so I want an FP group to be about a broad church / big tent approach. Not a Scala group that calls itself an FP group so that other people will turn up...


(in their defence they have had one Clojure talk, once, but it was “not very good”)


I know, I know, I should offer to do a talk for them and contribute instead of criticising - I know...


@glenjamin regarding your dependency updating comment: a few people are working on which does PRs for outdated deps:


that's for npm though, wonder if they have plans to extend support to other langs/ecosystems


@martinklepsch i can see it working nicely for npm (because node makes it possible to (sanely) have different versions of the same artefact co-exist in the same process)... less so for langs with global namespaces


right, probably don't want to "just merge" these unless you also have a solid test suite


Yep node can do that with its modules. Ocaml has first class parametrised modules. Haskell is getting backpack which can paramerise over libraries. Would be nice to have something on the jvm that could do that.


Clojure alpha11 onwards breaks various transient dependencies for me right now which would be a pain to fix