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Hello people in my birthland


How are you all?


@martintrojer Good grief, I do hope not. I am still praying for a sort of fade out to inaction and we pretend it all didn’t happen.


PM May is teaching the British public practical application of recursion (Without any added meaning); "Brexit means Brexit"


While I think of it though, do any of you know of a page / article / tutorial that will reveal the mysteries of #boot to me in such a way as to be compelling and exciting? I see people talking about it and other people using it and I am still not clear on why it’s better than Leiningen, whether I use both or switch completely etc etc.


> All of us: What does Brexit mean for the UK? > PM May: Brexit means Brexit innit?


Ah Ms May, how wonderful thou aren't


as quite a few people already believe that it has happened… we might as well leave it as it is.


@maleghast: the modern-cljs tutorial series is great


@maleghast use lein when it works, because it's easy. use boot when you find yourself thinking "how on earth do i get lein to do this"


@martinklepsch - Thanks I will have a look at that in that case; I want to learn CLJS for a non-commercial project I’ve just picked up.


@mccraigmccraig That’s worth knowing - I do__ like lein, you see - there are times when I just want to write a quick mini app and lein is perfect for getting started and for uberjar


@thomas - Works for me; I am perfectly happy to lie to the people too short-sighted and mired in prejudice and empty nationalism to understand why it was such a massively bad idea.


@martinklepsch - Will I find it if I just Google “modern-cljs tutorial”?


@martinklepsch - Found it - thanks!


Anyone around Oxford? I’d like to start a clojure group soon. I’m aware I can go to London but I have a baby coming very soon and it will add a time constraint 🙂


@maleghast You can use juxt/edge for a clonable boot setup that just works.


@dominicm: has Edge become stable enough to to recommend it to boot newcomers?


@martinklepsch I think so! It was announced officially, it's the recommended way to get started playing with yada, etc.


We use it as the basis for the juxt website.


I'm planning on putting a clever little bug fix in for an edge case that exists in c.t.n soon. Just other work keeping me busy.


morning @jonpither How are you ?


@dominicm: that's awesome, thought it's still more or less an experiment but great to hear, will need to give it a try


@martinklepsch Your input on edge would be very appreciated.


@dominicm - I have been “getting around” to re-trying Edge… I have a side-project I want to build for myself that needs a server-side API component to the web frontend / iOS bit and I have been a fan of the stuff @malcolmsparks et al have put out based on component pre Yada, so...


@dominicm Aha, you’re a JUXTer


Nice one 🙂


@maleghast Yeah 😉 That's why I advertise edge, I'm legally obliged


I’ve done a teensy bit of Juxt work a couple of summers ago and I know a few of the guys a bit, so I used to tell everyone to use Modular


In fact the work I did on the side for them used Jig - ask @malcolmsparks


good old Jig


@dominicm One of the reasons I’ve held off on boot is that I’ve heard indistinct rumblings about its usefulness when it comes to Production deployment… I even heard some of those rumblings coming from @jonpither but they may have been out of context. I don’t get to use Clojure much at the moment and I know a lot of “muscle wastage” is going on, plus I have not got the time to read and experiment even, so indistinct rumblings are sometimes all I have to go on.


@jonpither - I did rather like Jig once I got the hang


I've bounced off Boot a couple of times because I'm normally in a rush to get it working and do things like build uberjars, deploy to AWS, which means you really have to understand how boot works and what it's doing


kevin_e more user groups are A Good Thing ™️


@otfrom @kevin42 - Yes, yes they are 🙂


@jonpither Ah I see - you see there was context that I was missing 😉


Boot reminds me a little of Riemann - awesome for those than understand the DSL and can work adhoc Clojure magic into the config, but it does need a grok learning curve


Right, ok - well maybe a little more exposure to it and less worrying about the end result might be the tonic I need to get into the boot groove then...


Jig was a precursor to Modularity, which has kind of fallen by the wayside a little


Yeah, I built something with Modular / Modularity, or rather I built about 65% of something and then I caught a whiff of Yada and Edge and decided to wait and move over. Some might call it procrastination, but I like to think of it as delayed perfectionism 😉


@kevin42: I think there might be a few clojure folks around oxford, usually a user group announcement brings them out the woodwork. Also, it's only a X5 bus ride away from JUXT HQ so would be happy to come along, plus offer to talk if needs be


Could maybe plan it at the upcoming XT16 event 🙂


we have a “Functional Programming” group in Sheffield, which hoovers up a bunch of related things including Clojure


@maleghast Edge is an attempt to include most things you need from the get go, to prevent jon's rumblings 😜 We just included the uberjar task for example.


Thanks and @malcolmsparks that would be cool. A FP group might be wiser at the end it can target more people.


@glenjamin so Def Shef is still alive despite my attempt to bore it into oblivion last month?


it’s off this month anyway, but it’ll be back next month with a strangeloop movie night


Does that come with costumes and sound effects?


I really meant to start a user-group in Manila, but so far I know two people in Manila with any Clojure experience, and one of them is me, and I am painfully aware of my ongoing neophyte status 😉


I had a small part in starting FP North East which talks about all things Functional Programming like', including Clojure, but is probably more dominated by Haskell and Scala due to academics and HMRC developers respectively.


Having said that, I've brain washed the organiser (an ex-colleague) into becoming a Clojure advocate.


@agile_geek - That’s all it takes, you just convert one… 😉


I'm already getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to attend all the cool tech events in London. You ldnclj's don't know how lucky you are!


@agile_geek Oh yeah, I feel__ that...


Not just Clojure but Data Science, other cool meetups like Elm, Go, Docker, etc, etc, etc...


Manchester the Lambda Lounge... Cambridge has 'nondysfunctional programmers'


@agile_geek @jonpither There’s a Functional meetup here in Manila, but they almost always clash with other things that I need to be at for business reasons and / or hold some of their events in another part of town that I cannot face commuting to (it’s NOT like London or even HK). That and they are ALL Scala peeps… 😉


@jonpither @maleghast there are actually loads of tech meetups in Newcastle but with the exception of the JBUG we don't attract world class speakers like London can. The JBUG is formed around some really clever RedHat (JBoss) developers who wrote the transaction manager for JBoss and have more recently written the compiler for OpenJDK8 ARM implementation.


@agile_geek Wow, that’s a group I’d attend in a heartbeat


and world class speakers are easier to get access to in London, but there’s often world class talks / people even where there isn’t name recognition too.


Although not in Manila, so far… 😉


@maleghast here's Andy Dinn's talk about bytecode and the underlying strategies used by OpenJDK compilers that he gave at SkillsMatter a while ago Andy is one of the two authors of the ARM64 OpenJDK 8 compiler and works in RedHat in Newcastle. He's one of the many 'hidden gems' the NE has!


@maleghast we once had someone from the philipines join us for our Friday afternoon (UK time) Clojure meet up here at big blue.


@thomas - Oh really? It wasn’t Bob Santos by any chance was it?


@maleghast no, just looked him up and it seems that he is based on a completely different island (Cebu)


Ah yes, Cebu is an up and coming tech centre in its own right


I have an old school comrade who is starting an outsource code-shop there in fact


is anyone working on making a world where we don’t have to do this anymore?


I was going to suggest to @kevin42 that Milton Keynes is the place to meet up as well - though it’s annoyingly fast from Oxford. Can’t wait for the upcoming train link to happen.




Mind you, I’m usually working in London so just try to get to groups there. Though with a baby coming here too, I’m not going to be keen on too many late nights out!


didn't know about that rail link @korny - does seem badly needed


so much traffic going through the hazy area in the direction of MK -> Cambridge