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Afternoon. Is anyone around?


you working or having fun ?


I’ve been away for ages. I’ve not coded a line of Clojure for a couple of months 😢


you've been coding in other langs ?


Fun! I’m currently working out how to get back into it. Wondering whether a different book to Joy of Clojure might be a way forwards. Tried to keep getting exposure through daily katas, exercism etc, but I’ve just not had chance.


Yeah, mainly native Android using Java. It’s been good, but I obviously want to play with Clojure(Script) React Native to see how it compares.


nothing works for me other than picking a project and doing it


yeah, last thing I played with was test.check which I really enjoyed but just aren’t getting the time at the moment.


I can now figure my way around ring etc, and re-frame, but wouldn’t mind getting back into core clojure. When I’ve tried to re-read JoC, I skip bits that I think I know, but probably don’t. It’s difficult to re-read stuff and not gloss over stuff because you think you know it all..


hmm. i'm perhaps going to be looking for someone with native droid and ios experience in a few months - my plan is to move the views of my react/cljs/reagent/re-frame/cordova app to react-native... should i ping you when i'm looking ?


@mccraigmccraig: yeah, sure. I’ll try to get some exposure early on. It’s got a bad name at work as some pro-angular / pro- ‘real native' guys got on an internal project and made React Native fail because they wanted it to. It’s shame. Maybe it’s not mature, I don’t know, but knowing the both native platforms fairly well, it will be interesting to see how RN interfaces.


I’ve really enjoyed how re-frame/reagent works with figwheel etc. It lends itself so well to fast feedback, decoupled views etc. If it follows a similar path, then it must be a win.


i have a friend who was doing xamarin projects for a while who chose RN for his new co, and is happy so far... "mature" is a difficult concept anyway... half of my platform was based around stuff which was alpha when i started and it's working out very nicely


yeah, re-frame/reagent has been great


Agreed. Using ‘immature’ software requires a roll up your sleeves mentality, and is an easy scape goat when a project is challenged.


on the whole i would rather have an "immature" project with a great architecture, a comprehensible codebase and a responsive author... yada is a great example - i took a bet on it and have not regretted it - though def had to do some sleeve rolling


but hey, i was sleeve-rolling in objective-C last week to work around a bug in iOS - sleeve-rolling is one of the fundamental requirements of a good developer imho


Agreed. Yes, Yada is another one on my list but with limited bandwidth, it’s difficult to learn all teh teq!


ha, it's not difficult - it's impossible - unless you are a student you either need an unusually understanding employer or your own company