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"Hack the Tower" is once per month


Anyone coming to ProCloDo tonight?


Good to know it's monthly


@agile_geek: what exactly is ProCloDo? I see that there is a trello board and a repo. What is everyone actually building?


ProCloDo is the meet up.


We build an application over monthly meetings


Current app is an event management app in the style of meetup or Eventbrite but that's incidental


The objective is to learn how to build an app in clj/cljs


Okay cool. How far along is the meetup/Eventbrite app? Is it still in early stages or nearer to "completion"?


no where near completion. I reckon we have another 6 years to go before we get there!


There's very little code written


Has anybody here had any experience with cassaforte?


@xlevus: i've used alia a lot... alia is good


Has anyone seen anything of Arachne in advance, or have any thoughts about it..? I was pointed at the Kickstarter by a friend, but too late to back it..?


also interested in Arachne.


Not a fan of Luminus, as it's not a framework it's a template. And doing stuff from scratch gets frustrating quickly, as each library does things differently. E.g. your ORM defines connections {like this}, but your DB migration defines connections in an edn file.


@xlevus: Yeah... I have a lot of love for the Juxt component library Yada, and I am looking forward to it going Stable, but I really want a toolkit / framework that I can point Clojure neophytes at and get them excited about the Language the way that Rails got people excited about Ruby...


I realise that there is a potentially huge downside to that, in the "Rails developers exist and they don't understand Ruby" is a thing (in my experience, ymmv), and I fear that happening in Clojure...


Still, it's a compelling proposition and with the KS funding... I don't want to get my hopes up, but crikey if they pull it off!


I really do like how you can use different things. And I really dislike Django and it's "Lets do everything" But, on the flip-side, Writing out my DB configuration in three places because three libraries decided to do stuff differently, and I'm not experienced enough to know how to consolidate. Annoying. Some unification around (pedestal|ring), (korma|alia|cassaforte|yesql), (joplin|ragtime), (template-language-a|template-language-b) wouldn't go amiss.


(this may all be down to being new to the language)


@xlevus: I do tend to agree... I am not new to the language, but I've only ever managed to be a border-line developer (done a little tiny bit of freelance in it and done a tiny bit in a couple of jobs, sneaking it on the stack)


As such I find it hard to keep up and tend to wish for a "way of doing things" if you see what I mean..? Yada offers that, and in a way that works for me, but I've used its predecessors, Jig and Modular in the past and I know one of the key creators and have discussed it with him, so I have a little bit of a familiarity with it... Nonetheless it's not a shallow learning curve for me, and while I do tend to think that it's the best thing out there (for all kinds of reasons) I can see that it's a little bit intimidating for a complete Clojure beginner - and I have an interest in taking beginners into the language with the least friction possible so that I can convert teams I run from "other languages" to Clojure without the slow-down that comes from really having to understand the language thoroughly before it can be used in anger.


Like I said above, this presents its own risks - the last thing I want to do is end up running a team of engineers who write clunky, non-idiomatic, inelegant Clojure because they are re-treading old habits in a new language (something I have absolutely been guilty of myself truth be told), so I am not sure how much of a boon Arachne will be, but I am excited; cautiously excited 😉


I backed Arachne last night… it would be nice to have something like this. I think there is a use case for it.


even if it builds on top of existing things and helps make their interfaces more aligned, that’d be beneficial


the database-config-in-3-places thing is something i’ve noticed


and yes… there might be people using it who don’t know about clojure, but hopefully they’ll learn.


@thomas: From your lips to God's ears, as the devout say - it's an odd choice for an aetheist like me, but you get the gist... 😉


side-question. If I have a dependency on library X.0.0 and another library depends on Y.0.0. Which one ends up getting used?


Disclaimer - I don't know ... Right, my assumption has always been that if one is using a library that is pegged to a specific library at a specific version then leiningen will fetch the version your code needs directly and the version that the library that you are using needs and through the magic of namespaces and dependency declarations the right code will get the right dependency, but I've never had it happen...


I am now curious to know if I am right and / or the real answer!


(but I also need to go to bed - I am on the UK channel 'cos I am British and I used to go to London Clojurians events, but I am living in Manila and I am actually in Cyberjaya in Malaysia at this precise moment, and it's midnight)


Nice talking to you all, off to sleep!


xlevus: the answer is tricky, if you set :pedantic? :abort in lein then it’ll force you to pick


otherwise you can use lein deps :tree to find out


the rough answer is: closest to the top of the tree wins


@glenjamin: so it only picks one?


hm. Might explain why Joplin isn't working when I've got cassaforte 3.0.0 in my deps. Guess I've gotta learn how to locally work on a nested project tomorrow


For anyone that likes this type of thing, if you search for "Dependency Injection" on Google, you'll get something like this: