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Hello everyone... Is anyone here prepared to offer an opinion on a laptop that is rock solid for compatibility with Arch or Debian (Arch preferred) and is not to heavy / brickish that is also reasonably powerful? I need a new, reliable work machine and cannot afford to replace my MacBook Pro atm.


Easy wifi setup under Arch particularly of interest


maleghast: the new brand new xps-13s at least work with ubuntu. The Lenovo Carbon X1s seem pretty popular too


there were problems with the last generation xps-13s, but I think they are over them now (but I've not heard except from Dell on that)


didn't @agile_geek have some serious dell/linux issues @otfrom ?


mccraigmccraig: that was with the previous generation. Though he had some customer service problems when trying to return it that didn't make him want to go back


Thx for the info


I guess it's a Lenovo Carbon X1s for me - nothing could persuade me to buy a Dell


A word of warning on the Dell XPS 13 -- if you want to put linux on it, make sure you get the "Developer Edition"


The hardware differs slightly so that it has better support


I used one of the older versions... it was really very nice


despite being a dell 😛


grrr haskell is so annoying. off-topic, but wanted to vent somewhere simple_smile


actually haskell is fine. haskell module docs are not


A handful authors are a lot better than the rest at docs (e.g. Gonzales, snoyberg, O’Sullivan). But many others are very spartan.


i’m doing a toy exercise, but got derailed trying to make my dev flow as nice as the one from the clojure program i’m porting


and ended up down a rabbithole where I’m trying to parse a source file into an AST


and now i can’t seem to stop myself delving deeper, its a fun but ultimately silly yak shave


yeah I always get distracted trying to make stuff more idiomatic in haskell rather than getting on with the actual task


in this particular case I wanted to write some unit tests alongside the code itself


like a sort of literate approach


@meshy: Thanks for the heads up - after @otfrom and @mccraigmccraig offered me advice earlier, I priced up the possibilities and decided that I am better off trying to limp along with my dying MBP only at home and only for an hour or so a day max and using the loan-er from work (Dell notebook / tablet convertor from the recent Latitude range) under Ubuntu for work until I can afford a new one. Buying an only slightly cheaper PC that will have no re-sale value the minute I take it out of the box is not going to help me any… 😞


Of course, if I can persuade my work to buy me the PC… We’ll have to see...