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Hello robphoenix


How're you doing @gjnoonan ? I've just joined Clojurians today, new to the language too.


@bordeltabernacle: I am not too bad, dealing with some incompetent code at the moment but other than thattommyhall how about you? Welcome to our community, thanks for joining simple_smile


Which part of the UK are you in Rob?


Your own incompetent code, or someone else's? simple_smile I'm good, thanks, at work, just trying to get the hang of spacemacs for working with Clojure, ramping up to work on some Python projects. I'm in north Wales. Where are you located?


Someone else's unfortunately 😕


I am also a Spacemacs user of the last few months. 20+ years of Vim before that


And I’m in East Yorkshire


@bordeltabernacle: we have a #C09C8GRLY channel on here too 😉


yeah, I've only been programming ~a year, so I've taken the fairly easy route of using Github's Atom mostly, though I spend some amateurish time with Vim, but spacemacs seems nice, and I'm excited by Clojure/FP and want to get a decent dev setup.


Do you work mostly in Clojure?


Fortunately yes most greenfield projects are now either clojure or go (I use go for developer tooling some other devops type things), and , but I maintain legacy PHP and Ruby codebases


FP and clojure are indeed very exciting, good to see you are coming to it early in your career too


I don't know much I admit, but FP seems to make more sense to me than OOP, and I think it'll tie in with containers/microservices becoming more prevalent than VM's


Do you work for a company, or freelance? I ask as I'm not strictly employed as a programmer and I'm interested in future paths, esp. w/Clojure


I'm employed as a network engineer that happened to know a bit of scripting


I do both, careers with clojure are very niche at the moment, finding employees willing to not prescribe the exact tools you use can be, hmm difficult, but if you sell them on the benefits you’re onto a winner. we have a #C05006WDW channel where posts to come up often, but clojure is still a niche. The good side of that though is that it’s becoming more of a wanted skill and you can carve your own path.


As with everything you get what you put into it


Networking stuff interests me too simple_smile I have kind of a dual role of Senior Developer, and a Devops engineer


need to split myself in half 😕


Nothing gained without hard work, for sure. I kinda feel like learning Python/JavaScript could be my bread & butter with Clojure being more of a personal quest. Though I like the idea of getting in on the ground floor as it were, and getting up to speed while the technology is growing.


And tbh I like learning it for it's own sake, as an end in itself. Though I have to stop myself from worrying about jobs and supporting the family and all that sensible stuff.


I've found starting out in a more ops position has really helped my dev stuff, knowing how the underlying infrastructure works, and protocols like http, dns, tcp/ip etc.


Yeah sometimes it feels like 'being DevOps' is trying to be two seperate people rolled into one. An expert in servers, vmware, routers, databases, programming,. Full Stack is full on. 😐


Learning to me is the one thing you should never loose interest in, I myself has a constant thirst for knowledge and a need to know how things work (standard hacker mindset I guess .. as I child I used to take our tv apart and all sorts lol). I know what you mean about drawing the line when you have a family to support though, I have a wife and 3 young girls...


Knowing the full stack is always a bonus, as I try to tell my juniors.. knowing all the the layers a request goes through etc


Devops is certainly schizo but for me, knowing both sides is an immense help, and they lean on each other


So @bordeltabernacle you mentioned you want to get a “decent dev setup”, what set-up do you currently have?


I have a wife and 2 young kids, boy & girl, and they've got to come before any shiny new tech/language I may want to learn!


As regards my 'dev set up', I work alone, rather than as part of a team, and I've not had the opportunity to learn from more experienced folks first hand so it's rather erratic and constantly going through iterations as I learn more from the well of the www.


I use an Ubuntu laptop, rather than my work-prescribed Windows machine, and use Vagrant to create my dev environments, which currently are Django, and I'll have separate Vagrant boxes for Django and the db so I can destroy and rebuild the db easily. As I said I use Atom in my host to work on everything on the guest machine, with all the files in a shared folder. I have a server set up in the lab here, with ESXi on in a private network, where I've got private Gitlab repos for all my version control. And I use Trello as a Kanban type project management tool, recording the changelog, bugs, ideas etc. I need to set up a staging server to share my projects with others, a Sphinx server for docs, and get Jenkins set up to easily deploy to the staging server. Nothing I'm working on is in production yet, so I've yet to sort out backups and a working CI pipeline, but I need more time than the day allows for that to happen yet, or maybe I'll be lucky and get given an intern to help!


I'd love to know what yours is too. Be interesting to know what I'm missing/getting wrong! simple_smile