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rpamely: if not, try the #C0522EZ9N room simple_smile


This channel is looking a bit inactive. Similar to the geographic pull of London it seems that Slack UK is completely London centric. As someone who doesn’t live in London (all the time anyway) that’s a bit sad.


I agree, but maybe that is our own failing? There are 74 of us in here .. let’s chat simple_smile


Good point. I’m doing a talk tonight at Agile NE, not on Clojure this time, but on the impact of a Project focus on s/w development compared with a Product focus. It’s taken me years but I’m coming to the conclusion that treating s/w development as a series of projects is leading to short term decisions that contribute to lack of vision, design, increase in tech debt, etc. SO….what should I call the Clojure ‘Project’ Dojo that doesn’t have the word Project in it!?


Is it a terminology issue? You could just rebrand project to something like Quest .. or something similar. Theres always gamification of names etc


@guy yes it is a terminology issue. Just looking for something about more interesting than ProCloDo (Project Clojure Dojo)


I can see that


Well Dojo is something you could change aswell


@agile_geek: I think the name should reflect what you want to do with the dojo. Is it a place for newbies to learn and grow? or a place to discuss interesting and new things around clojure? Or is just simply a clojure hack night where anyone can come along and just hack away? Once you have the context of the meetup then creating a name is a bit easier. But naming is notoriously hard simple_smile, you could do something nerdy and call it a function name or something


@guy It’s a place for people, like me, with an intermediate level knowledge of Clojure who don’t have a job involving it, to build something a bit more substantial than can be built in a 2 hour programming dojo over a period of several months. I want it to be a place people learn about what’s involved in building an entire application with Clojure, including deploying, etc.


I would like to keep it accessible to ppl who haven’t been in at the start of the build which will be challenging. Along with ppl being able to drop in and out as circumstances require.


It sorta feels to me like you want to have the access of an open source project, e.g newbies helping to do simple tasks that need doing, but also people who want to pop a long and help with a particular feature


I see what you mean about not naming it project now, its quite hard to come up with a new name


I think naming things around adventures and quests would be quite fun, but would be a massive turn off for a bunch of developers i guess


afternoon. anyone found a good place to discuss Compojure/Liberator on here?


Not my self, but what do you need to know?


@guy: nothing specific, just looking for other people making use of them


@sandbags: how about the #C070UR532 channel?


@tcsavage: yeah i’ve been hanging out in there but it’s a little… quiet


@agile_geek: Apologies, I seem have have said let’s chat and then disappeared. Hectic day.