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@paul.legato Zurich is definitely a software hotspot in Switzerland. Outside of this covid-phase, there is a rich startup and tech community across pretty much the entire IT landscape (check There is a significant crypto scene if that is your thing, some larger general software development companies (AdNovum, Netcetera, Zühlke to name a few), successful startups (, and big companies, with major multinatinationals (UBS, Credit Suisse, etc.) hiring developers, as well as Google’s European headquarters or one of the 12 IBM Research labs. It’s a case of pick your poison 🙂


I would even say the software hotspot in Switzerland. There's a little around Lausanne/Geneva otherwise but it doesn't compare.


Yep, many companies founded outside of Zurich move here or add an office here for the networking. It’s so busy that in fact I prefer to live out in the countryside. Still only 30m to the center, so you’re out of the bustle really quickly.

David Pham16:12:38

You can live in Oerlikon, this would also be considered outside Zurich haha


Geneva there are only some related to CERN, a few user groups and that's about it. Lausanne there are a few startups around epfl and some outliers like logitech and exoscale (clojure). I think if/when I move back to CH I would like to live around zh (countryside)


@mpenet but I must say, Lausanne is an absolutely fantastic (and beautiful) place. Fond memories of studying there 🙂


Yes Lausanne is really great


Geneva not so much (born and raised there)


Ah yes, worked there for a short time. Feels a bit like its own country!


Interesting, thanks.


The idea of living in Switzerland intrigues me, but I’ve been wary about availability of jobs.