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Tonight I am going to present Clojure and demonstrate it with app development in ClojureScript at Func Prog Sweden’s meetup. It will be live streamed. Please join! Here:

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It starts at 18:00 and, I think I will get the stage somewhere at 18:40-1900.


It will also be recorded and published.


I’m looking forward to watching it, and I hope the talk goes well.

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Thanks, @U055RDVAV! Your Clojure presentation there is my big inspiration for this one.

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I'll be there in spirit. Got the kids at that time


Best of luck pez


Thanks @U0545PBND! Going to miss you on this one. Was great having you there last time around. Then again, it is not an interactive session at all, and I won’t see the audience so in spirit is perfect. 😃


Yes, good luck!

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Oh no, clashes with the Gothenburg FP meetup today!


It will be published on YouTube for offline viewing.


But no actual interaction you say? Then I'll just save it for later. :-)


At least very little interaction. Not really a Meetup.


Looking forward for you presentation @pez! 🙂


Awesome presentation @pez! 🦸 Thank you so much!


Thanks! I time budgeted completely off, though. Now the next speaker is short of time. 😢


I now realize I hadn’t time budgeted so far off. It was that the my time for the presentation was shorter than I thought. Maybe because they had a third speaker, which was added to the event late… Must double check these things harder next time.


It was really nice to see some React Native! How is your overall impression with it?


It's a fantastic thing. A bit too complicated toolchain so i sometimes hate it a bit as well, but overall I am a huge fan.


A dependency hell, but i always negotiate my way back from my visits there. 😎


Hehe sounds good that you can get back on track! If I would give React Native a try, what tools would you suggest? Krell, re-natal or any other?


It depends on what you are going to use it for. If just for trying out, then shadow-cljs + Expo. And also for a real world project, depending on what project you might be able to use Expo as well. But if you need some native modules that Expo does not provide, then shadow-cljs + react native CLI. Here’s a super good discussion on why Expo or RN CLI:


Krell is not ready for prime time, yet, I think. But very cool and sound philosophy, so at some point it might be that it is a viable option compared to shadow. But shadow-cljs has so much going for it. For me, I will probably stay with it.


If I would try to predict what I want to use some year from now it is probably shadow-cljs + Flutter. Seems they are having good progress with ClojureScript on Dart and they have Flutter as their main application they want to support.