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I'm trying to run tests for a speced `cljs` function using karma... it seems trickier than I expected I'm getting an error that looks like this

  23 | 
  24 | (defn ^:export run
  25 |   [karma]
  26 |   (-> (stest/enumerate-namespace ' stest/check)
Encountered error when macroexpanding cljs.spec.test.alpha/check.
Error in phase :compile-syntax-check
RuntimeException: No such namespace: stest
Here's how I'm running the test; not sure if its' the correct way to do it
(defn ^:export run
  (-> (stest/enumerate-namespace ' stest/check)
  (karma/run-tests karma
Any clue as to how I can get it to work?


I've also imported/required stest

[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as stest]