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@teodorlu I think the spec2 function spec is related to some kind of notation that alludes to defn


something like the plumatic/schema defn macro (but very different, because it's not schema)

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Ah, OK, so looking into "a single form that both defines a function and specifies its inputs" rather than a "normal defn and something additional"?


We will only know when it comes out

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:03:59

it's not just "putting the current function spec in defn", but trying to reach quite a bit beyond that into some new ideas, and it's taking a long hammock to sort through all the tradeoffs there

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I wish I could be part of this hammock thing, not constantly just sometimes, I feel I could contribute, especially since I have at least 3 projects on hold for years now since I've been waiting spec2