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Gustavo Goretkin18:03:15

Hi. Total beginner here. I've seen mention of this global registry of specs. Where can I see which specs are defined there? Also, are there any writings about spec and other format-specific Schema definitions (like XML Schema (.xsd) or JSON schema things)?


it’s global--to your process, not the world

Gustavo Goretkin19:03:52

I see. Thanks! I think I misinterpreted. Are there clojure libraries/packages that primarily define specs?


I only know of Sometimes a library will include specs for its api or extension points. I’m not aware of any library that just shares spec objects the way one would share utility functions

Gustavo Goretkin20:03:51

Thanks for the pointers. I was expecting more packages like this, I think, to capture "ontologies", the same way there are schemas for e.g. geometry data, like , Is that kind of the spirit of spec at all?