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has anyone done anything with strictly validating some data against a spec? by this i mean not allowing anything other than what’s specified. e.g. extra map keys, etc.


@spieden Several libraries have facilities for that and it's fairly easy to do. It's just not necessarily a good thing to do.


@spieden one example of such strict map validation would be s/map-of. if it specifies keywords-to-strings map - you can't have string key in there But, as Sean pointed out, it is kinda trivial to implement yourself with a particular shade of behavior you are looking for.


I've a repro for a bug where ClojureScript's spec instrument fn generates too large a function for the JVM and compilation fails. This happens when too many fns are spec'd. Looking for some confirmation.


It appears specific to ClojureScript. When I tried a similar thing in Clojure/JVM, there was no problem I noticed.


@andy.fingerhut Thanks. I've also tried it on Clojure JVM and I couldn't reproduce.