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the problem with two specs is that in the case of maps, the key is used to pic, the spec for the value


which mean the data 'decides' whether the check is recursive or non-recursive


@qqq But that's exactly the point: with two separate specs you control whether the keys are deep or shallow -- assuming you have unqualified keys in the map and can use different namespace-qualifiers for shallow vs deep.


@seancorfield: but I want to determine whether to make a shallo/dep check at the function call, not at the point when I construct the data


I want a single piece of svg data in some functions, I want to make an expensive deep check taht it's an valid svg tree ikn other functions, I want to make a shallow check that "current node is good; we know nothing abut chiklren"


I need just 1 running one call to the function to check at a time. Inside the function, there is a db call, so I need to run checking in single-thread, so (check 'test-many)doesn't work. I tried to use check-fn, but this doesn't even start calling the function. (stest/check-fn 'test-many (s/fspec :args (s/cat :samples (s/coll-of :hashdb.db.commands/data)) :ret nil?)) (I changed backquote to quote when publishing to slack.