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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:12:38

That shouldn't be nested like that - there's one bug filed about that and a few other cases we are looking at


@alexmiller the challenge is unqualified symbols for keys


ah, saw @gfredericks already corrected you on that


@alexmiller yeah, I'm familiar with conformers; what I was wanting to do is retain the automagic generator generation, so conformers aren't that. Only the top level is currently symbol-keyed (everything else is sequences of various sorts), so I can easily destructure out for conforming, and manually assoc in the results of generators when doing that.


@bbloom I've been angry about JS[ON] not having symbol literals every single day for ~6 weeks.


@gfredericks looking forward to jections. I actually want two different destructurings coming out of conform, depending on context: JSON -> basically symbolic representation that makes sense for the particular structure I've spec'd, or (2) a completely desugared representation that does things like tag the matching spec on s/or's, flows through the custom destructurings I've put in place via conformers, etc.


wouldn't be surprised if this requires the aforementioned higher-order / spec generics though


I'm just gonna be proud of myself that I wrote my first actual specs today, while y'all are talking the fancy stuff :-)


@gowder I'm proud of you, too 🙂


Hi, I am trying to spec my function... and I have spec'ed the :args and the :ret... but now trying to spec the :fn...


and I have added the example spec (which I know is wrong... but now I don't get any errors ...


:ret and :fn only get checked by doing clojure.spec.test/check or something of that sort


Or instrumenting