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I’m guessing this comes up a lot - the fact that conformed values flow through the validation process seems to make it difficult to compose specs. Say I’m writing some preconditions for a function, I have to look at the spec definitions to know if I’m going to get, say, raw values, or [tag value] pairs. Am I missing something?


OK just discovered s/unform. Adds some verbosity to some specs, but at least removes the dependency.


Hmmm doesn’t seem to work with s/coll-of


@tslocke I saw some speculation a while back that spec will eventually have two versions of s/and; not sure if that's exactly what you were referring to


yeaaah, still not quite sure what’s causing an infinite loop or otherwise such bad perf it might as well be infinite - best i can offer at the moment is these stack traces:


definitely related to the collection stuff tho b/c every makes it random, coll-of makes it every time


@bbloom: ran into the same issue recently as well


@bnoguchi were you able to shrink the reproduction down at all? i haven’t been able to yet


Not quite. I had to hit the brakes on debugging it but am taking a closer look again at it this week.