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Diego B. Fernandez19:07:36

Hello, sorry to post here in English but I'm more fluent in it than castellano. I have plans to move to spain and I would like to work with Clojure when I'm there. Searching on the internet I couldn't find any job opportunities with clojure. Can you recommend companies that use clojure in Spain so I can apply for jobs?


Not many, other than what you could (quite) easily find over google/linkedin. Probably ~5 companies overall.


I work for overseas (from :flag-es:), and as of today I don't quite see any other setting where I could deliver Clojure code at elite level.

Diego B. Fernandez12:07:59

I was afraid that was the case. I am working remotely for five years now and would like to change that. Some real contact for a change. But I really want to work with Clojure, maybe some years more of remote work then .