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Hi Everyone, Welcome back to 2016 and a new year. Well done everyone, we are hosting our 7th meetup tomorrow and that is a testament to you the members as most speakers have come from your ranks. As we start this new year myself & Gabe are looking to keep the momentum going so we are asking you the members 4 questions: 1. What are the subject topics you would like to see discussed at the meetups and do you have any suggestions for people to present. 2. If anyone would like to give a talk/demo please approach either Gabe or myself, you can IM us on meetup or the slack channel. 3. If you are aware of any of the luminaries of Clojure passing through Singapore please let us know, we will approach them and see if we can get them to come give a talk. 4. Any ideas or contacts for sponsorship of the group would be gratefully accepted. I can promise you this is a friendly crowd so do not be deterred by concerns over public speaking and remember this is your meetup the more you contribute the more you will get back out. In terms of response you can reply to this email or start a conversation on Slack, I'll post this there too. regards Kevin & Gabe


1. Intro to core/async


1. Intro to datomic


wrt to, I no longer had the time to play around with it once I started my internship, but I've been having a lot of fun playing with manifold and core.async so if Feb's free I could do that


1. system architectural patterns in clojure


1. stream processing with riemann/onyx


I will be around for this month and next month’s talks. If there’s a slot next month, and enough people are interested, I’d be happy to do an Onyx talk.