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@jethroksy @spinningarrow I’m half tempted to wait until releases before I learn Om, since it looks to have a lot of new ideas in it


@gabehollombe the design phase is over, and most of its API has already stabilized. The key ideas are actually few, but huge, and most of it is captured in David's talk during Clojure conj. I think it's an exciting time to dive into it, maybe I could even give a quick intro or something during the next meetup 😉


Yes, I saw his talk at the Conj (I went!). It was a whirlwind, to be sure. I feel like I only grokked 50% of it


Would love to see an intro talk at the next meetup (or the one after if we’re full on speakers for Jan meetup). @kevinf: whom do we have lined up?


Yup it was quite a speed-through, definitely need to invest more time digesting the points given...


Wrt to the intro talk I'd say Dec would be a little rushed for me anyways


Really wanna grok 100% lest I provide wrong info etc


At the moment Jan is full, we have 2 speakers and I hope @gabehollombe will be doing a quick " What happened at ConJ" talk too! 😜. @jethroksy if you would like to think about a talk for feb:kissing_closed_eyes: on Om or Om next?