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See ya’ll at tonight’s meetup at Thoughtworks on Amoy St (I hope)!


@mikera: haha no fair u guys used scuba! (liked anyhow tho simple_smile )


and by the way…wtf is that thing at 2:00????


@dilzio: it's a feather star... a type of Crinoid. Took us ages to figure out what it was too!


to all: I’m sorry I can’t make the meetup tonight. I’m traveling tomorrow and have a family obligation that needs attending to… best of luck to Lucas and Dapeng!


It devolved a bit into performance and “stuff I like”. Prefer simplicity over performance, but know that you can always get performance if you need it simple_smile

lucasbradstreet13:10:41 is the distributed systems project I work on, if anyone is interested.


One thing to note when profiling Clojure code. Lazy sequences can obscure the actual source of costly computations. Sometimes you might want to add some "doall"s around your maps to simplify your call trees. There shouldn't be any performance hit unless you're actually using the laziness


I'm always happy to help out with exercism problems posted here, btw.


mapv can often be helpful as an alternative to map: you often want your result in a vector anyway and it has the advantage of being non-lazy