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You can't really create a team, but if you use this channel or the old one or even create a new one you can share your username so others can 'nitpick' your code. They don't seem to have a team or private concept but then again it's open source so the above fits that philosophy. I did email kytrinx but haven't got a reply thus far, thanks for the nudge.


@gaqzi: sorry I am wrong, you can create teams but according to kytrinx it's the buggiest part of the site and also the bit that's getting the least attention atm. She is planning to release a feature called activity streams which she thinks will offer much the same functionality when she will ditch the teams feature. There is a fuller explanation on GitHub


@kevinf: ah, let’s make a shared google spreadsheet or something to keep each others usernames in then simple_smile


@kevinf: are you around on tuesday and can make it for the hack night?