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@sgerguri: Thats cool have you checked out


@pyb Snabb is a very interesting project because of its use of Lua.. There are other attempts at building high-performance dataplane applications checkout this is a contribution by Cisco who built a dataplane engine called VPP.


You could imagine building interesting things with LFE or JOXA with the underlying BEAM implementation for interesting applications.. In the Clojure space I am thinking of either test tooling for NetConf/Yang or Controller integration with OpenDaylight/ONOS.. There is also the emerging NFV orchestration space with OpenMano/Open-O


Yes though LFE seems to have more traction. Neither has Clojure's awesome standard library but then being on the BEAM you cannot really expect that (and the Erlang stdlib is actually pretty solid)!


So yea, thats great if you really need to deal with a distributed system, leverage supervisor trees, etc..


Given the Java eco-system Clojure can be very useful in the SDN architecture..


Current implementations are fairly complex JAVA/OSGI soup with extremely tight coupling


Sounds like a lot of room for improvement then. simple_smile