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Kira Sotnikov06:02:38

а я тут заколебался и заботал елисп ._.

Kira Sotnikov06:02:19

репостну из #C099W16KZ

Kira Sotnikov06:02:23

Kirill Sotnikov [09:35] Do someone use json-mode? [09:38] Interesting thing if I add

(defconst js-indent-level 2)
all is working fine, but if I change
(let ((json-reformat:indent-width js-indent-level))
(let (( js-indent-level json-reformat:indent-width))
C-x C-f is working but when I typing my json and hit enter it's set up 4 spaces on fly. After C-x C-f all is good again. If I change nothing and change only json-reformat (as it used in docs) I've still got 4 spaces for indent [09:39] So, my first line looks like ugly hack ) Kirill Sotnikov [09:46] I don't understand which function is responsible fot indents on fly

Kira Sotnikov06:02:54

а если ничего не менять то как было 4 спейса в отступах так и осталось