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cześć, szukamy współpracownika do, fully remote simple_smile Reszta ogłoszenia po angielsku jako że to nasz wewnętrzny język komunikacji. Perfect candidate: - has experience in working with different projects and different people - fancies using either of Ruby, Scala, Elixir or Clojure when building backend APIs - believes that tests are extremely important - loves programming meet-ups and conferences - wants to learn unconventional programming techniques - is eager to leave MVC aside - is able to practice self-discipline while working remotely Our offer: - salary starting from 45 PLN / h (upper limit correlates to your skill-set) gross - invoice or a specific task and transfer of copyrights contract as a way of employment - truly agile environment; no fixed hours or nasty time planning - you choose your workspace, be it home, a co-working space, a cafe or your mom's kitchen! - flexibility of choice when it comes to frameworks and tools - no nested management hierarchy We'd love to see your LinkedIn profile with Github account although CV is still cool. <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>