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@d4hines No, flare is dead. Take a look at here --


@rustam.gilaztdinov why do consider flare to be dead? the commits are as recent as end of march.


And what about last commits? And this library doesn't support cuda. What's more important -- entire library is really OOP driven, not about data. Look at examples in clojure-mxnet, trust me, this is really what you looking for


looking now at clojure-mxnet and you’re right it looks indeed nice. But this doesn’t mean flare is dead. also I thought cuda is supported by flare via neanderthal.


Neanderthal support cuda, you right. But flare — doesn’t. Why do I decide that flare is dead? Because of I opened issues, and nobody responds to them. No updates, no answers -- is that a sign of dead library? I think, yes.


I don’t see any open issues for flare.


Cause I close them.


and thanks for pointing towards clojure-mxnet, will give it a try


@rustam.gilaztdinov, thanks for the suggestion. I'll check that out.


However, I wonder if I'm asking the right question. The examples I've seen of deep-learning chatbots are fascinating, but the responses are always nonsensical, and far removed from anything I would dare put before a customer. For example, I'd very much appreciate the opinions/guidance of smart people like ya'll, but is this an appropriate channel for very chatbot-specific questions?